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A: Weird jobs you say? China has plenty. The guys who work in bath h
A:Weird jobs you say? China has plenty. The guys who work in bath houses and whose job it is to scrub guys down... that's got to suck.I've seen it. There will be a (usually fat) naked dude lying on a table, and the scrubber who is also near naked goes over him top to bottom with what looks like a scouring glove. They get right in there..lift the nuts, spread the cheeks and everything. God knows why anyone would pay for that but it seems they do. Then there are the eunuchs who became high-ranking public servants back in the day.Nowadays I don't think it's very common for them to be high-ranking, I think most just became wumaos - but a lot of them self castrated themselves to get the job.It must have been a hell of a decision to make...if you decide you'd prefer to be a plumber or rickshaw driver after a couple of years on the job there's no reversing the surgery. The people who stand in front of a shoe or clothing store and clap to attract customers- sometimes they will chant in unison - that's another job I always thought was bizarre. The supermarket staff whose job seems to be to stand in groups of three gossiping and blocking the aisles so you can't go down them, you have to turn around and go down the next aisle that probably has a sale on shampoo or expired tofu that day. The 'English Teachers' who can't communicate with the foreign teachers, or even their students in English but will tell anyone who listens how the foreign speaker is 'wrong'.Their jobs seem to be to unteach whatever English the kids are able to pick up.It's strange, but they do exist. If you're really looking for a great career though I suggest being the worthless lazy offspring of someone with good connections. Being stupid will help your prospects a lot.You'll be given a job with a decent salary, pension etc and all you need to do is play with your phone all day and be you. You'll never be asked to do anything or probably even show up at the office. In fact they'd probably prefer it if you just kept out of the way.      -- Stiggs