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Student visa cancellation

Asked by maveecaisip, last answered 2 years 34 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - Hangzhou 11 Answers 6 Comments

How can foreign students get a part-time job?

Asked by angelina8, last answered 4 years 14 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - Hangzhou 9 Answers 12 Comments

teach in kindergarten without change my visa to z will make problem?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 4 years 35 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - Hangzhou 2 Answers 1 Comment

Do we have to do a Tax return?

Asked by Alex66, last answered 6 years 1 week ago in Visa & Legalities - Hangzhou 1 Answer

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A:   It depends on which part of the lake region you want to vi
A:  It depends on which part of the lake region you want to visit. Most start from NanChang, the shortest distance to the lake is about 30km  and 186km to the government run wetland park, marked by the hut shape symbol on the upper right corner of the map below 

October is too early to see the migratory Siberian cranes. November onwards is better, their number peaking in between December and January. The dry season lasts from Sept to April. 

Here are some photos taken by a retired local during his self-drive tour of Poyang Lake, dating Oct. 17, 2016. Those birds in the photos are reared by the locals, most likely for tourists' benefits. Maps and photos from a local who did a one day tour of the area, in December 2016. -- earthizen