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(Xiamen) Xiang'an Campus: Is there any life outside the Campus?

Asked by aguirao, last answered 2 years 12 weeks ago in Lifestyle - Xiamen 7 Answers 4 Comments

Is it still possible to convert F visas to Z visas in Hong Kong?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 3 years 27 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - Xiamen 5 Answers 2 Comments

Looking to check out some live bands while I'm in Xiamen, any suggestions?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 3 years 34 weeks ago in Arts & Entertainment - Xiamen 2 Answers

. What is life like for an expat in Xiamen?

Asked by jetset, last answered 5 years 28 weeks ago in Lifestyle - Xiamen 3 Answers 1 Comment

Anyone else in Xiamen?

Asked by, last answered 6 years 1 week ago in Transport & Travel - Xiamen 10 Answers 2 Comments

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A: collect calls are in the too hard basket in China. Yes, use Skype
A:collect calls are in the too hard basket in China. Yes, use Skype if that is easy for you, however Skype is owned by Micro$oft and I do not want to use that. What I have is a Voip softphone setup on a mobile without a sim card and switched to aeroplane mode with wireless manually switched on. I found Linphone works well. can also be used on a desktop. Then I pay about 5 dollars a month to a voip service which includes a DID You might want to try this Canadian based Voip and DID provider; This gets you a LOCAL number (in Canada in your case) so that people can call you, and you can call them. Need wireless and good internet connection, done! -- daxigua