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looking for language exchange

Asked by Gogojuice, last answered 1 week 2 days ago in General - Wuhan 9 Answers 39 Comments

Pollen or Chemicals?

Asked by thefidu881, last answered 3 years 16 weeks ago in General - Wuhan 6 Answers 4 Comments

Are there any hungarian in Wuhan?

Asked by hellblood, last answered 3 years 45 weeks ago in General - Wuhan 1 Answer 1 Comment

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A: Hmmm - I'm sure I answered this (and some other posts...). What y
A:Hmmm - I'm sure I answered this (and some other posts...). What you don't seem to get is that an older population is bad for a country... the expenses in looking after the elderly (welfare, hospitals, etc) start taking up more of the tax cake - a cake that's getting smaller because there are less people contributing to it (ie, workers). From an earth impact perspective - good! But from most other perspectives - bad. -- Shining_brow