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Do we need a pinned post?

Asked by xunliang, last answered 1 year 30 weeks ago in Sports - Hohhot 2 Answers 3 Comments

Can anyone recommend a good cafe in hohhot?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 2 years 13 weeks ago in Food - Hohhot 1 Answer

Welcome back Almost!!!

Asked by expatlife26, last answered 2 years 30 weeks ago in Food - Hohhot 7 Answers 13 Comments

how to convert student visa to a family visa?

Asked by samad_khan772, last answered 2 years 37 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - Hohhot 14 Answers 14 Comments

My dog is genuinely dying, are there any veterinarians available during this holiday?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 5 years 3 weeks ago in Health & Safety - Hohhot 6 Answers 2 Comments

how to tour in inner mongolia ?

Asked by nmgtour, last answered 5 years 36 weeks ago in Transport & Travel - Hohhot 3 Answers