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Finding the "elusive" Er Ba Che bike in Beijing

Asked by , 6 years 9 weeks ago in Transport & Travel - Beijing 4 Answers Views:44013 1 Comment

would anyone like to learn Mandarine?

Asked by anonymous, 3 years 27 weeks ago in Teaching & Learning - Beijing 13 Answers Views:32390 20 Comments

Where are there squash courts in beijing?

Asked by smoglife, 4 years 5 weeks ago in Sports - Beijing 2 Answers Views:29766

China Telecom: Is there a way to check prepaid balance?

Asked by subhash.sah, 5 years 13 weeks ago in General - Beijing 6 Answers Views:27819 1 Comment

Best waxing/beauty salon in Beijing?

Asked by Ammia, 6 years 12 weeks ago in Health & Safety - Beijing 9 Answers Views:23822

Are there any nuclear power stations near Beijing?

Asked by coffaholic, 6 years 13 weeks ago in Health & Safety - Beijing 3 Answers Views:15408 2 Comments

What is a good Hookah bar in Beijing?

Asked by beijoe, 6 years 20 weeks ago in Arts & Entertainment - Beijing 2 Answers Views:13837

How do you avoid a pickpocket thief from robbing you in China?

Asked by mattaya, 5 years 50 weeks ago in General - Beijing 9 Answers Views:13347 2 Comments

Best place in Beijing to buy quality replica watches?

Asked by anonymous, 6 years 1 week ago in Shopping - Beijing 1 Answer Views:11932

Where can I get vaccinations in Beijing?

Asked by YeDaXi, 6 years 2 weeks ago in Health & Safety - Beijing 2 Answers Views:11602

Where can I buy good bread in Beijing?

Asked by Haarfagre, 6 years 4 weeks ago in Food - Beijing 12 Answers Views:10833

Audiophiles: HiFi in Beijing?

Asked by , 6 years 17 weeks ago in Web & Technology - Beijing 3 Answers Views:10705

Communist-themed restaurant in Beijing?

Asked by Mihoutao, 6 years 22 weeks ago in Food - Beijing 1 Answer Views:9584

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A: I think the first "not smart" thing you did was to think of everyone a
A:I think the first "not smart" thing you did was to think of everyone as a subordinate. They are in fact your team members. You are also a team member and your role is to supervise, not flex your muscles. It drives you nuts when your boss does this and then you do exactly the same thing. Think about it. Adapt, change, bend the rules and be more efficient. -- iWolf