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Getting a Z Visa in Ningbo without a degree

Asked by chowmein87, 6 years 7 weeks ago in Business & Jobs - Ningbo 6 Answers Views:9848 1 Comment

Does ICBC CHINA accept Wire tranfer via Paypal?

Asked by anonymous, 4 years 17 weeks ago in Money & Banking - Ningbo 4 Answers Views:4327

Best sights to see in Ningbo?

Asked by beijoe, 6 years 27 weeks ago in Transport & Travel - Ningbo 3 Answers Views:3524

how can i book the echinacities magazine if have any?

Asked by anonymous, 5 years 44 weeks ago in General - Ningbo 2 Answers Views:2075

any foreigner in Ningbo looking for a girl friend?

Asked by joy.lee, 2 years 5 days ago in Relationships - Ningbo 9 Answers Views:1586 13 Comments

How can I avoid Chinese income tax?

Asked by China_Jim_248, 2 years 28 weeks ago in Money & Banking - Ningbo 8 Answers Views:1256 15 Comments

Where in ningbo can I buy Board games

Asked by Osc, 2 years 23 weeks ago in Shopping - Ningbo 5 Answers Views:814

Anyone been to Ningbo?

Asked by TheMud-picker, 1 year 48 weeks ago in General - Ningbo 7 Answers Views:558

Is there anyone of Ningbo University?

Asked by piolorin, 1 year 23 weeks ago in Teaching & Learning - Ningbo 4 Answers Views:431 1 Comment

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A: If he did contact the embassy they would tell him to engage a lawyer.
A:If he did contact the embassy they would tell him to engage a lawyer. They at least might be able to point him towards a somewhat decent lawyer, I don't think they'd be of much help aside from that though. I doubt the lawyer would be able to do much other than help negotiate the compensation he will need to pay.   -- Stiggs