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Q: Accommodation Advice for Guangzhou

hi all,


I'm relocating to GZ in a few months' time - About to start slogging through and Anjuke websites looking for places to live


Thought I might as well ask you guys if you have any suggestions


I need to be close to Baiyun district where the majority of wholesale markets are located - I do not mind a half hour or so commute via subway to get to baiyun district


I am looking for -


A small apartment - 50sqm is more than enough - Definitely want something less than 70sqm


Price range between 3000-6000


Preferably an apartment complex that was built within the last 7 years or so - ie - 2010 onwards


Being close to a supermarket or shopping area would be a plus but not necessary as I work from home and don't really need to get out much - located within 5 minute walk of a subway station would be perfect


Regal Court and 嘉怡苑 have been suggested....Was also suggested that Downton Apartments (唐顿) aren't bad value for money...though a tad far from Baiyun district - I had a look at some listings and they seemed to be semi-serviced apartments - they actually look like pretty good to me but that might just be all in the camerawork


After asking around, I've narrowed potential locations down to Zhu Jiang Xin Cheng and Hai Zhu district (on the island) - If there are other areas with nice complexes, please let me know


Hopefully there are some on the forum living in smaller sized studio apartments in these areas or know of friends that do - Would appreciate your suggestions/recommendations - thanks!!


PS - I will most likely need to rent somewhere short term once I arrive so that I can arrange for agents to take me to the apartments I've narrowed my choices down to - Is there anyone here that wants to, or knows someone that wants to rent out a room for a month or so? If not, I guess my only option is AirBnB

32 weeks 6 days ago in  Housing - Guangzhou

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0 is good. You can pick the district you want to search im for apartments. I just use google translate to translate the page. Also 58 has short term rentals. Hotels will offer this service for weekly or monthly rentals. You can search these on too. is also good, its the chinese airbnb. good for weekly rentals.


ive done this a few times. I book a hotel or airbnb for 2 weeks and search for an apartment in the city Im in. Im pretty cheap so i find the best deals I can. From my experience the cheapest will be a Chinese hotel renting room weekly....its cheap and a place to sleep...its all you need until you find your place. Even if the hotel says they wont take foreigners, they still will in most cases. A hotel in chinese is cheap 10 or 15 CND a night is nothing really. So anyway you look at it is not going to hurt your bank account.

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32 weeks 5 days ago
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