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Q: What ever happened to the song with the girl and her parents singing together?

I know you may have heard of this song like 1 or 2 years ago if you lived here that long. In the song the girl says Mama and Papa...but I'm not sure what the lyrics are. I know the origin of the song came from Russia though. I think the girl and the parents that were singing it might have came from inner mongolia. It was a popular song awhile back they use to play it everywhere. Anybody knows what song I'm talking about?

4 years 20 weeks ago in  Arts & Entertainment - China

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I think you might mean, "吉祥三宝/ 乌兰巴托的爸爸- 乌达木& 布仁巴雅尔& 乌日娜"

Might I just say I'm so glad you didn't give up on the site during the downtime, and that I'm fairly certain you're the one who staged the IP attack to begin with, psycho?

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4 years 20 weeks ago
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