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Q: When you drive a Porche in PRC you can do this?

Overtake the car that has the right of way, when being honked get out and resort to violence, verbal/physical?  The power of perverted capitalism....?!wm_aid=97fa3a8a6fe74b3084e5c927a34f671f!!wm_id=2c287dcb7a26491491078310bc3c47f3&pagetype=share&btifl=10016

1 week 3 days ago in  Culture - China

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When you own a bunch of assault rifles in the USA, you can check into a hotel and gun down hundreds of people.

Even the fucking NRA suggested banning bump stocks after that one, but congress said no.

While China works to improve driving skills, Trump wants to remove all safety rules.

China goes forward. USA goes backwards.


Who knows what really happened there. The one security "witness" gave his story on the Ellen show, after canceling his previous interviews and disappearing for a week, never to give another testament again, supposedly because Ellen has some slot machines in that hotel. Not to mention the timeline of events changed multiple times, and in a place with the most concentration of cameras in the country there's still no security footage showing the guy bringing bags up to his room.

4 days 22 hours ago
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5 days 9 hours ago
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Shit bags like this douche are fading away. It is becoming less acceptable to be a rich arrogant and selfish person.

Another recent surprise is that drivers commonly stop to let pedestrians cross. At least whete i am in the south. This is new and spreading like the 100th Monkey. People are taking pride in being well mannered in my neck of the woods too. It's refreshing.

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5 days 1 hour ago
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