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Q: Xi's headache, one with typical china flavor. What would you do if you are put in charge?

local article


CCP decides to increase subsidies to poor university students in face of the loan sharks roaming around universities, and in response to three recent suicide of students due to their inability to pay their loans  (understandable as not all girls have big boobs, guys....shrug....) Here are the most highly rated comments from the locals, some still students and others working.


A:  I am a monitor in my college.  In subsidy application, the counselor first screens the lot, filtering out the impurities and leaving the best in, then dormitory supervisors and class monitors do the second round screening.


Those who smoke, shop  online all the time for luxury goods are rejected.  


But some students fake superbly,  disguising as poor before getting their subsidies approved, and spend like a tuhuo after getting the money.


B:  I have to laugh, the granting of subsidies all depends on your guanxi with your squad leader, the teaching guides.  Many poor students get rejected.


C:  The moral nature of Chinese determines  the outcome, what good is the use of systems, regardless of how good they are?


D:  Ha ha, our counselor charges us a rmb 100 administration fee to help process poor students' subsidy applications,  turns out he is one of those poor students.  


Some say school is a miniature society. You get a glimpse here if you have wondered why and where so many seemingly poor mainlanders get their monies from, lol, who turns out to be unusally rich.


If you are put in charge of this subsidy program what would you do?

5 weeks 6 days ago in  Culture - China

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Wow, my first year I was told by numerous students that the teacher in charge of this gets bribed and demands special favors

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5 weeks 6 days ago
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It's not surprising. I've been a guest lecturer in a few University MBA programs here in Guangzhou. Because of my somewhat negative experience in dealing with Chinese manufacturers, I typically speak of Chinese businesses fluid ethics and ask a simple question. "If you worked for me as an employee translating and negotiating with my suppliers (potential or otherwise) would you accept a "commission " from them". They've all said yes and were surprised I'd have them prosecuted for felony theft.  It's amazing. They universally fail to understand that their acceptance of a commission costs me money and constitutes theft.  

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5 weeks 5 days ago
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