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What’s eChinacities Answers?


eChinacities Answers is designed to provide access to questions according to location and theme, all the while maintaining a friendly-user interface. In order to view all theme-related questions and answers, simply browse through the list of 24 rubrics at the top of the homepage. If you wish to view or ask a question according to both theme and city, first select a category, then choose your city amongst the scrollable list menu on the right hand side of the screen. Furthermore, you can also have quick access to any question by simply typing in key words in the search bar at the top of your screen.To ensure a useful and friendly environment, eChinacities Answers is moderated according to the Community Guidelines .

What’s eChinacities Forum?

eChinacities Forum is designed to provide users a place to discuss non-China-related questions, share links and tell jokes. The same Community Guidelines used for eChinacities Answers still apply.