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A: No, I wasn't saying Trudeau is a doctor. I'm forgetting this is a
A:No, I wasn't saying Trudeau is a doctor. I'm forgetting this is a forum read by people with differing levels of English ability - my bad - I know the use of analogies can confuse some people so for those readers who somehow think my point was about Trudeau being a doctor I'll re-phrase it. 1. There's an emergency situation requiring action to deal with that emergency. 2. Someone (Trudeau in this case, acting under the advice of medical professionals) takes action, it's not convenient for anyone but there isn't a choice, something has to be done to stop the emergency becoming even worse. 3. The actions seem to work, the emergency situation is contained for now but there's no way of knowing if it's permanent, or if the emergency situation will become a serious threat again. 4. Trudeau tells people it's safe to ease back on those actions now, but if the emergency situation does become serious a threat again they may need to take action again to deal with it. 5. For extra clarity.....   * emergency situation ; in this case refers to the covid pandemic.   * action ; refers to covid measures. This seems like a simple, common sense process to me and one that could be (and is) applied to most emergency situations.   -- Stiggs