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Why can't I redeem points?

Asked by Dandman, 50 weeks 3 days ago in General - China 1 Answer

Raid in HK on Pro-Democracy Leaders ...

Asked by icnif77, 1 year 23 weeks ago in Relationships - China 7 Answers 8 Comments

New Passport Registration with PSB!

Asked by DerekMorrison, 4 years 16 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - China 6 Answers 5 Comments

Are chinese employers generous or...?

Asked by hamzaben, 4 years 8 weeks ago in General - China 4 Answers 2 Comments

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A: Dont know where they got those answers from, you DO need two shot Chin
A:Dont know where they got those answers from, you DO need two shot Chinese vaccine done at least 15 days prior to travel, but, you wont be entering anyway as ESL teachers are not considered essential workers. I have been here 17 years, double vaccinated 5 moonths ago, coulfnt even get an ETD to go home and bury my mother and was firmly told i would be denied entry, as if i am leaving my wife a kid behind.  -- markymarc1972