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Q: Another reason why Dems will lose in 2018/20, immigration!



This drives wages down for most Americans and put Americans out of work. Trump wins by at least pointing this out instead of ignoring it. 

19 weeks 5 days ago in  Transport & Travel - China

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Trump stuff is made in China. Ivanka stuff is made in China.

Mar e lego is staffed by mexicans on HB1 visas.

Trump is a fucking idiot. He is a crook. Anyone who supports him is a deluded cockwomble.

Carrier is gone.

I live close to an Amway plant. Is ed sec devos saying she will shut it down and move it to Texas. Will she fuck, its in a free trade zone.

Anyone notice the tax bill thing about the scholl devos and her brother went to... she wanted tax exempt.

Yup. The USA are about to tax education.

Trump says the new tax bill will cost him loads.

The fuckwit cockwombles believe him.


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19 weeks 4 days ago
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If the left actually bothered to read some right wing publications, they would discover their tactics are foolish, but since they don't, enjoy the show, it's only going to get better, Trump is going to play these puppets for every minute of media attention he can get and make billions after he leaves office. What a bunch of useless suckers, naive brainwashed bubble idiots. I firmly believe that Trump is going to continue to screw both parties and the result will be a workers party, middle class party, because the hard line left and right is causing America to spin the wheels and never get anywhere while the world just passes us by, if we can get a third party, maybe a fourth, then the progressive nuts and war hawks can play scrabble in the back of the room, the war hawks can give some missiles to the leftist when the batteries run out on their vibrators and the left can pay for the war hawk kids to have sex changes, good riddance, but they could always play the sympathy card and get the gays and veterans to vote for them respectively, now that is a perfect winning coalition.

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19 weeks 4 days ago
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