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Q: Australian Football League game in China

Gold Coast were held up for about two hours before arriving in Shanghai for their historic AFL match against Port Adelaide.

Players and officials boarded their connecting flight in Singapore, but had to wait on the tarmac before taking off.

The team arrived in Shanghai early on Thursday morning after travelling for about 23 hours from the Gold Coast.

Suns coach Rodney Eade had expressed concerns on the weekend about the lack of a direct flight to Shanghai.

Gold Coast are also wary of air quality issues in the Chinese city, with Eade saying they will not play anyone who has respiratory problems.

Round 5Odds by

Another issue for the Suns is that only a few of their players were able to travel in business class, with the extra leg room.

The two teams will have the bye round after Sunday's game to help compensate for the international travel

So who is going to the Arial ping pong?

1 year 45 weeks ago in  Sports - China

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Looks like not much interest here....

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1 year 44 weeks ago
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