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Q: Can tiger moms survive without after school study programs?



Cracking the whip on foreign investment, online tutoring, and training schools. Sounds like a massacre, should have shorted the stocks last week. I guess IELTS training schools are going to take a hit also. Looks like I bailed out just in time.(aug 2019)

7 weeks 6 days ago in  Teaching & Learning - China

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You bailed out 2-y too early ... by my Gregorian calen-meter-dar .. 


Chinese Protection Team step-in and defended OUR (Chinese) Stock market ...


I read yesterday, Chinese prepare counter measures against USA ban for western companies operate in China and HK mostly.


US ban was in short "... either you're with us or against us .." and Chinese will most likely just copy&paste the same demand.


I was always wondering where did Chinese 'learn' all this copying and pasting ...


My neighbour's mom bought BTC/US$ contracts yesterday at the price of US$37.102. She's watering the garden today, and she's convinced into Landing-on-da-Moon prospects ...


By the next week, we'll hear "Houston, we have a lift off ..".surprise

Support @ US$ 36.781 and Resistance @ US$ 40.857 ...

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7 weeks 6 days ago
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A: Dont know where they got those answers from, you DO need two shot Chin
A:Dont know where they got those answers from, you DO need two shot Chinese vaccine done at least 15 days prior to travel, but, you wont be entering anyway as ESL teachers are not considered essential workers. I have been here 17 years, double vaccinated 5 moonths ago, coulfnt even get an ETD to go home and bury my mother and was firmly told i would be denied entry, as if i am leaving my wife a kid behind.  -- markymarc1972