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Q: A decent vlog post

I've always thought vlogging was kind of silly, and cannot think of a single vlog that is consistently watchable, but Laowhy86 has a decent post explaining why his opinion of China changed. It is  similar to those 'Why I'm leaving China'  articles from  2012.


For those of you who can't access it or can't be bothered watching, the key points are: 


- Attitudes to Westerners, and particularly Americans are changing. There is less friendly curiosity and more suspicious hostility 

- The economic development is less impressive when looked at up-close, eg the lift in his shiny new building had collapsed twice

- Freedoms are being eroded for everyone 

- Poor policy had led to 'countless nurses being murdered' at his  local  hospital (wtf?!) 


Do you agree with it? 

2 years 34 weeks ago in  Lifestyle - China

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