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Q: Do we have to do a Tax return?

Does anyone whether we have to do a tax return or something? How do we know what we have paid etc? With this new law shouldn't we about how much we pay in tax, insurance etc?
Getting a pay slip is like asking for a........ The first pay slips I saw were about 3 mm wide and complete rubbish!!

10 years 2 weeks ago in  Visa & Legalities - Hangzhou

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You do not indicate in which country you do work and get paid, so I will assume it is China, and you are a "laoway".

If you make more than the minimum required for tax return, you must file a Chinese Tax return and pay local taxes. If you do not, they will catch you when leaving China, they will see your work visa and ask you for the Certificate that you have paid taxes on your income.

Also, you must check with your home country and their tax laws, wages earned abroad are taxable in USA for example.

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10 years 4 days ago
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