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Q: Is everybody ready for female gender avoidance?


I really thought sanity would prevail in the long term but in the short term, backlash, don't even book a room with a coworker that is female on the same floor, surprised they don't recommend a different hotel or start making gender hotels. Crazy times, no one on one meetings of any kind, never seat next to a female on a plane, take another flight.


I actually hope this extreme mantra takes hold, the women actually deserve this shit for pushing guilt so far, may they all live with cats and choke on a fur ball.

19 weeks 6 days ago in  Culture - China

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In other words, we know what is best for you, so shut up, sit down, and listen because we are the elites and we always know what is best for you despicable deploreable pieces of human excrement that you truly really are and just don't know your an ignorant piece of shit. oh, by the way, don't forget to vote for us, for your own good of course. Refreshing to hear a leftist liberal admit the truth at least once a century.

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19 weeks 6 days ago
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