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Q: Help? Information about new property Meiquan 22nd Century?


I'm a reporter from the United States and I'm researching an article for Departures Magazine about the Meiquan 22nd Century development in Chongqing (重庆美全22世纪 see herehere and here for more details).

I thought I'd try posting on this forum because I'm hoping to learn more about the current state of Meiquan 22nd Century, and I wanted to ask if this great community of CQ expats might be able to help me! I'm keen to know how far along the project is, what the buildings currently look like and anything else you might be able to share. Is it commercial and residential? Is it finished? Are people buying into the property? Is anyone living there yet? How is it being marketed? Does anyone have any up-to-date photos of it they could share (or even take?!)?

Happy to discuss here or offline (my Skype is bbosker). Thanks in advance for the tips!


7 years 51 weeks ago in  Housing - Chongqing

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Not in Chongqing, but is listed as property manager, I'd contact them and ask when it is ready. 

From memory, the Sanya Cruise Ship terminal is same design. 

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7 years 51 weeks ago
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