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Q: How long before Residence Permit expiration to cancel a Work Permit? Thirty days before or longer?

You have decided to leave your employer because you found another employer.

What is the earliest the employer can begin the process of cancelling the Work Permit?

My Residence Permit expires January 14th and my employer told me she couldn’t begin the cancellation until one month beforehand. Now I don’t (seemingly) have enough time to get my Work Permit before January 14th, since the cancellation itself took two weeks. Now I have six working days left and haven’t gotten my online application approved.

So the math doesn’t add up. This whole process takes two months.

Like I said, last year when I got the approval online, we went to PSB for Residence Permit. Same timetable. Employer wouldn’t cancel until one month before, new application the 30th and approval the 6th, then PSB. But my new guy doesn’t seem to know this or our communication is not the best.

What is everyone else’s experience with this cancel/renew work permit stuff?

2 years 32 weeks ago in  Visa & Legalities - China

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