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Q: I shouldn't take you in as my graduate student. Asian professor's letter to dismissed dalu student.

Original letter is in chinese, there is a photo of Professor Yuan (from the spelling of her surname, she is probably from HK or Taiwan) in the article. I used google for the translation.


It is about time someone gets out a 3X3 with the low lives, don't you agree?




Professor Yuan Jinmei (Creighton University, Nebraska, USA)


This long letter was published in the "Yuhua" magazine, the original is as follows:


XX classmate:


I was asked to tell you that it was your failure, also my failure to receive an appeal from the board of directors of the Graduate School. You are very sad, I am also very sad.


For a professor, a lifetime can only cultivate a certain number of graduate students.


Professor Y who you highy respected just passed away. He also raised "East and West philosophy comparison" with his graduate students.


I created the C larger "East and West Comparative Study", from the first graduate to the last graduate student, a total of eleven. You are the eleventh.


 Because the project is stopped, there will be no more.


In the United States, or in the C large, all over the Western culture, add a little Chinese cultural research project, it is not easy, all professors volunteer to make free contributions.


All the graduate students are professors' works. I use the same standard to ask all the graduate students, and I hope that everyone's work is outstanding work.


You are dimissed by school, the eleventh work is scrapped. You did not meet the standard, both you and I shared in common -- failure.


What you think is: your future is interrupted.


This is not right. Your future still has an infinite number of choices. You can do anything from business, go online and write essay, or back to the Chinese office, and then for a project you can learn, and so on.


I hope you can be successful in other industries and vocations.


If you are determined to learn in the academia, what I write below is a farewell gift for you. If you do not want to learn, you do not have to read on.


Many of the world on the road, you do not have to be in the academia to be a good person and live a life of value. In short: "Be a good person, I wish you good luck."


If you look back then I assume that you want to know why you failed. If you want to know the way of learning, the following words will be useful to you. This is my straight talk to you.


In fact, I never led you around the bend, and did not change my request for you.


The reasons for your failure, some of them are your own responsibility, some of those belong to those who teach you in the past and your previous social environment, and some my responsibility.


Speak of my duty first. My responsibility in this is  --- I should not take you in; because what you want something I cannot give you.


You want to come to the United States to join a circle, and professors doing a good job. You have some preconceived notions that the professor work according to your design, give you some homework, and you easily get a degree.


And then rely on this degree to become a scholar, to find a good paying decent job in China or the United States.


You say you want to be a professor at the university, you have told me more than once, you must get this degree. I understand the importance of this degree to you.


What I can teach you is the basic principle of being a man and learning, and making you a person who respects knowledge and loves truth.


In the academic field, you must not lie for any benefit, just tell the truth, and be responsible for every word you say; you must be down to earth, step by step to find out the unknown, no shortcut.


You must also know your own limitations and ignorance, put down your personal point of view, so you can begin to learn.


To get a degree from me, you have to meet these standards. I do not sell my degree. My knowledge can be obtained free of charge to those who are willing to follow me to find the truth, but not to those who think this is a transaction.


This is a misunderstanding between us. I was in your election after my two classes, only to recognize this misunderstanding between us.


This misunderstanding, caused all the conflicts between us. I realized that it was a mistake on my part.


Secondly, your responsibility, in fact, also my final evaluation of you. Here I give you an explanation - why you are not suitable for learning.


You can be a good businessman, company boss or any other professional person. Engage in academic,  business or work as a  cleaner, there is no occupational judgement, but obviously there are different job requirements.


In the pursuit of knowledge, have character, the most important thing is to be a human. This is not so much of being in the academia as it is about how to behave.


During your C big period,  I always teach you, those techniques you are learning are written in every job and paper on the subject. But I did not tell you about the relationship between learning and life. When I talk about your responsibilities, I will talk about this.


Because your undergraduate performance is not good I personally interviewed you in Beijing. Your admission is my responsibility.


At that time, I judge you as very smart. But that is a wrong judgment, because of that wrong judgment, I have to share the responsibility of your failure.


Now, my evaluation of you is: you are not smart, you do not even have a little knowledge of the people who are smart. This kind of intelligence is what Socrates says "I know my ignorance."


When you go to school, you think it is easy to go to college in the United States. You know how to play. You kept showing what you know; participate in the discussion, do not understand things, you often pretend to understand, nonsense.


Class, you do not read the original, do not buy books, instead you go online and read third-party book reviews and brief introductions, come back and claim to have read the books and understand. You even  dare making comments. You have every reason to think that you are right You claim you understand and you know more than the professors.


You have your ingenuity. But I am not optimisstic with your kind of "cleverness", it is business savvy, but not academic acumen.  I saw that in you in my first three classes.  You did not read the books on my reading list.


The time you really start reading a book is in my fourth class, on "more logical logic". This book, at present, you read 60%. This is your progress.


I would like to tell you: you have this bad way of learning, at least for your three "C" and two "I", half of the responsibility.


You cannot learn with your kind of learning method. You can find something with a little curiosity information, put on your website, let the public read the play (this is your right), like the old teahouse storytelling, passing the story of the people, the purpose is to attract the audience Interesting the same. This is nothing wrong, but also a way of media. But this way can never be used pursuit knowledge.


Do not learn, not adventure, not quickly collecting information. Pursue knowledge, bit by bit accumulation, on the basis of others work, detailed  rational analysis of yourself and predecessors, and then forward carefully. Put a small new stone, so that future generations can stepped onto, so they do not fall.


That is why Wittgenstein can think clearly about moral issues.


You love to talk, always talking. But you rarely understand the problem. (Wittgenstein, Tractatus), a little knowledge,  your ignorance had you labelled it as "the proliferation of ignorance".


Those who pursue knowledge should be responsible for every word they say. If you cannot, or do not want to bear this responsibility, you do not take this road. I do not cultivate product vendors (not), nor cultivate grandstanding network editors (no ability).


Because you have a poor knowledge base, you have to make up for this fatal flaw in order to learn. The basis of knowledge is not important, you start from the basic make up, is able to catch up. But you have used some strange, incompatible scholar character to cover up your fatal weakness.


The first example, when you first came, and talk to me, at every turn you pull out some social "celebrities", this, that, you and they all know. You said these "celebrities", I half do not know, do not know why you should put these people's name in your conversation with me.


I do not want to know these social "celebrities". If they are successful, I am happy for them, but they have nothing to do with you and me.


You have to learn, you do not have to chase Han society "celebrity". Academic is not social networking, it is not about fame, or sitting on the bench. The purpose of your pursuit must be the love of truth and the curiosity of the unknown. 


For scholars learning in itself is the fun. You want to use the community "celebrity" to determine your position, you either lie, or lie to yourself, are trying to conceal your inherent deficiencies, no self-confidence. If you do not want to use your own charisma to win the trust of others, you cannot learn.


Another example is your plagiarism in XXX class. You can explain to me, from the Internet to copy the things, posted down when the job to me, not called "plagiarism" is my "misunderstanding" of the.


In fact, I did not really report you plagiarism. You do not need to explain, that you do not want to copy, blaming me for I not understanding you. Whether I understand or do not understand, in fact, is not the key.


The key is: First, I did not report this incident; Second, regardless of my "misunderstanding" is not "misunderstanding", the fact that you come to the homework, more than 7% absolute and other things online, this is called "plagiarism" (press C school rules defined, more than 7% of the same is called "copy").


This is something that I am firmly opposed to the start of a defect that you are looking for shortcuts to conceal your poor base and no academic ability. I am alert and against your shortcuts, and have been against you last week's last exam.


The first time you "plagiarism" this thing itself, I only hope you say a word: "I'm sorry, I do not do that." However, I get is again and again complain: why I do not understand your explanation - that is not "plagiarism". I have not reported that you copied, or even did not cancel your scholarship, which is what I can do to your greatest protection is to give you the opportunity to correct.


But you want me to accept "that is not plagiarism", which is calling a deer a horse, but also openly ask your professor to follow you with yourself to deceive themselves, really slip the world of big money.


You can make a mistake, you can give up, but you also lost my trust in you. If you want to learn, you always have the ability and courage to know and bear your own mistakes, otherwise, you cannot learn.


You have to bear the responsibility, but also includes your personality split. This point, I cannot blame it on you, personality division is the result of abnormal education, which is my last point, to talk about your social background's responsibility.


You are the most contradictory student I've ever seen. When I think of your social background, I have sympathy for your personality split. But I have to point out that this is morbid. You should find a psychologist as soon as possible to help cure this problem.


Those who pursue knowledge must be coherent and unified, not suffer from personality disorder.


About the author: Yuan Jinmei is a professor of philosophy at Creight and a member of the American Philosophy Association of Asian Philosophy and Asian Philosophers.

3 years 38 weeks ago in  Culture - China

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With the face thing there is a chance the original article and this get deleted by the authority. If you are interested better finish reading the OP asap.

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3 years 38 weeks ago
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For an Asian professor who probably has English as a second language, this is the best academic dressing down of a student I have ever read. It's a pity though based on the description of the student, that the student probably did not understand over half the letter and sadly, may never understand.

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3 years 38 weeks ago
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Plagarism check, Mentally ill check, expecting special favors from the teacher because she's Chinese instead of simply working hard   check

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3 years 38 weeks ago
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