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Q: If i was blacklisted from working in China is there any way to resolve this?

I had an issue with a school in 2019 where I quit the school and after I got my final salary I left China.  I understand the school was upset because i was unable to cancel my residency permit.  Less than a year later I was able to get a work permit in Guiyang and had no problem getting a work permit for Shenzhen, Then this year I had applied for another work permit in Liaoning which is the province where the school i quit was and my application was denied.They said something that I was blacklisted. I would think that if i were blacklisted from working in China that from the time i quit the school I would be unable to get a work permit from anywhere in China.

     Would it be better when I apply for jobs in China not to state that  I had worked in China before when applying for the work permit and that I never had a residency permit? Since the last time I was in China I had to replace my passport due to damage. I anticipate that any information that they have on me would be linked to the passport number. Normally when I apply for jobs I would not include jobs that were either not relevant to the position I am applying for or that I did not stay at for at least 6 months. I anticipate that the issue i had was likely due to the fact that I had stated I had work for the previous employer which I quit from and gave them a copy of the  past residency permit. I also probably should not have tried to apply for a work permit in the same province. 

4 weeks 1 day ago in  General  - China

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You should just tell them you're real Vladimir Vladimiro-witch  ras-Putin and they'll let you work in any province in China ...  

... by the latest report from SAFEA ... surprise


Do you know SAFEA? 


Every LT poster here knows them ... broken heart

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4 weeks 1 day ago
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