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Q: NYC is an epicentre ...

More than 70 million Americans on the lock-down. In CA, they call it 'shelter in place' ... 'Ground Stop' i.e. no departures declared at all NY airports ..

Italy had 793 deaths today or over 5000 casualties since the outbreak. Spain's numbers are not much lower ...


These are some titles at ZeroHedge ...


Here is one I'll open it wide ... while I am listening to Vivaldi:


China 'Inexcusably' Hid Information About Coronavirus And Should Admit Their Wrongdoing

China lied, people died timeline ...



While China may have finally tamped down coronavirus to manageable levels within their borders, the fact remains that they initially lied about the virus while actively suppressing early information that may have saved countless lives, according to Dr. Michael Pillsbury, Director for Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute and adviser to President Trump.


"Everybody who wants to can just go online and look at January 14th - the WHO website. You'll see the WHO say 'China says there is no human-to-human transmission,'" said Pullsbury.

"Now that was not true. They already knew there was human transmission. And the next day, 20 Chinese came in the White House - with President Trump, Henry Kissinger, Lou Dobbs, myself, we all saw the Chinese up close. Some of them could have been carrying it," he added.

Pillsbury then discussed the case of Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang - the whilstleblower who posted on WeChat about the new disease, only to be prosecuted by the government before later dying of the virus. Beijing is now pretending he was never punished for speaking out, and is now lionizing him as a hero.


Last week, Axios published a timeline of China's lies and cover-ups regarding COVID-19 which fit perfectly with Dr. Pullsbury's comments:

A study published in March indicated that if Chinese authorities had acted three weeks earlier than they did, the number of coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 95% and its geographic spread limited.

This timeline, compiled from information reported by the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the South China Morning Post and other sources, shows that China's cover-up and the delay in serious measures to contain the virus lasted about three weeks.

Dec. 10: Wei Guixian, one of the earliest known coronavirus patients, starts feeling ill.

Dec. 16: Patient admitted to Wuhan Central Hospital with infection in both lungs but resistant to anti-flu drugs. Staff later learned he worked at a wildlife market connected to the outbreak.


Dec. 27: Wuhan health officials are told that a new coronavirus is causing the illness.

Dec. 30:

*Ai Fen, a top director at Wuhan Central Hospital, posts information on WeChat about the new virus. She was reprimanded for doing so and told not to spread information about it.

*Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang also shares information on WeChat about the new SARS-like virus. He is called in for questioning shortly afterward.

*Wuhan health commission notifies hospitals of a “pneumonia of unclear cause” and orders them to report any related information.

Dec. 31:

*Wuhan health officials confirm 27 cases of illness and close a market they think is related to the virus' spread.

*China tells the World Health Organization’s China office about the cases of an unknown illness.

Jan. 1: Wuhan Public Security Bureau brings in for questioning eight doctors who had posted information about the illness on WeChat.

*An official at the Hubei Provincial Health Commission orders labs, which had already determined that the novel virus was similar to SARS, to stop testing samples and to destroy existing samples.

Jan. 2: Chinese researchers map the new coronavirus' complete genetic information. This information is not made public until Jan. 9.


Jan. 7: Xi Jinping becomes involved in the response.

Jan. 9: China announces it has mapped the coronavirus genome.

Jan. 11–17: Important prescheduled CCP meeting held in Wuhan. During that time, the Wuhan Health Commission insists there are no new cases.

Jan. 13: First coronavirus case reported in Thailand, the first known case outside China.

Jan. 14: WHO announces Chinese authorities have seen "no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus."

Jan. 15: The patient who becomes the first confirmed U.S. case leaves Wuhan and arrives in the U.S., carrying the coronavirus.

Jan. 18:

*The Wuhan Health Commission announces four new cases.

*Annual Wuhan Lunar New Year banquet. Tens of thousands of people gathered for a potluck.

Jan. 19: Beijing sends epidemiologists to Wuhan.

Jan. 20:

*The first case announced in South Korea.

*Zhong Nanshan, a top Chinese doctor who is helping to coordinate the coronavirus response, announces the virus can be passed between people.

Jan. 21:

*The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms the first coronavirus case in the United States.

*CCP flagship newspaper People’s Daily mentions the coronavirus epidemic and Xi's actions to fight it for the first time.

*China's top political commission in charge of law and order warns that “anyone who deliberately delays and hides the reporting of [virus] cases out of his or her own self-interest will be nailed on the pillar of shame for eternity."

Jan. 23: Wuhan and three other cities are put on lockdown. Right around this time, approximately 5 million people leave the city without being screened for the illness.

Jan. 24–30: China celebrates the Lunar New Year holiday. Hundreds of millions of people are in transit around the country as they visit relatives.

Jan. 24: China extends the lockdown to cover 36 million people and starts to rapidly build a new hospital in Wuhan. From this point, very strict measures continue to be implemented around the country for the rest of the epidemic.



The bottom line: China is now trying to create a narrative that it's an example of how to handle this crisis when in fact its early actions led to the virus spreading around the globe.

2 weeks 2 days ago in  Health & Safety - China

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Yep, China covered it up and caused a massive problem, there's no excusing that.


But, the world has known since January that this was a very real threat and pretty much ignored / downplayed the threat. And now here we are.


I'm not defending China's actions at all here but politicians blaming China for the situation they're now in - when they basically did nothing even after they knew what the situation was - is just scapegoating and passing the buck.

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2 weeks 2 days ago
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Yep, China covered it up and caused a massive problem, there's no excusing that.


But, the world has known since January that this was a very real threat and pretty much ignored / downplayed the threat. And now here we are.


I'm not defending China's actions at all here but politicians blaming China for the situation they're now in - when they basically did nothing even after they knew what the situation was - is just scapegoating and passing the buck.

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2 weeks 2 days ago
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Italy Goes Full "Wuhan", Orders Most Restrictive Lockdown Yet, As Global Case Total Passes 300k: Live Updates Summary:

  • *Massive surge in number of deaths and cases in UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France

    *New York, New Jersey deaths, cases accelerate

    *Italy goes under full lockdown

    *NY Gov Cuomo: "months, not weeks" to control virus

    *Ukraine declares total quarantine

    *Belgium sees 25% jump in cases

    *Saudi Arabia reports 10% spike

    *German gov't ends years of fiscal restraint with 365 billion euro aid package

    *NYC airspace closed after positive Air Traffic Controller test

    *NJ declares full state lockdown; "will take action" for people not following precautions

    *FDA authorizes first 45-minute COVID-19 test

    *US Fiscal Aid package around $2 trillion (10% of GDP), Kudlow

    *Officials increasingly calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics


Update (1835ET): Even after threatening Italians in some areas with serious criminal penalties for violating their stringent quarantine orders, it seems Italy's coronavirus containment efforts have failed.


After reporting another shocking jump in deaths, the Italian government has gone full "Wuhan", ordering a shutdown of industrial production.

In a speech delivered just before midnight on Saturday in Rome, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that he is ordering ALL non-essential businesses to be closed, and for Italians to stay home.

These measures are slightly more restrictive than the current measures, which allow Italians more freedom to move about their towns and communities. They will also likely result in a much larger economic hit, as Italy's industrial stalwarts are forced to pause operation.


And just like that, an entire country - 60 million Italians - is now under 'shelter in place.'

Elsewhere, as Middle Eastern countries escalate their crackdowns, Kuwait announced that it would start imposing a curfew between 5pm and 4am due to what the government called “non-compliance with Ministry of Health’s instructions to stay indoors." Meanwhile, the UAE has closed beaches and parks for two weeks.

As the number of confirmed cases in Europe and North America soar, the total global case total has surpassed 300k on Saturday.


more ...


Finally, an interesting snippet from the FT: Researchers on multiple continents say an usual symptom has emerged in the majority of Covid-19 patients: a loss of the sense of smell.

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2 weeks 2 days ago
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2 weeks 1 day ago
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We're going into lockdown here, the whole country. They're (we're) hoping to head off an Italian like scenario.


Police and army will be patrolling and enforcing it.



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2 weeks 18 hours ago
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France, Spain Tighten Lockdowns, 14 States Order Residents To 'Stay At Home', As Italy Outbreak Numbers Level Off: Live Updates

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 08:22



    *Japan PM Abe says world "not ready" to hold Olympics

    *Angela Merkel tests negative for COVID-19

    *Australia and Canada pull athletes from the games

    *NY case total tops 20k

    *Italy sees encouraging slowdown suggesting outbreak might be peaking

    *UK PM Johnson to address the country as deaths hit 335

    *Hong Kong bars all foreigners for 14 days

    *Boeing shuts Puget Sound operations for 2 weeks

    *Spain reports 26% jump in deaths on Sunday

    *State Department says 13,500 stranded Americans abroad are trying to get home

    *New Jersey reports nearly 1,000 case jump

    *UK preparing to close "non-essential" shops

    *Dems hold stimulus bill hostage with last-minute demands

    *Cuomo tours Javits Center

    *India ban on international flights begins

    *Largest 2-day jump in global cases reported over the weekend

    *France announces more restrictive measures

    *8 states have postponed primaries

    *Ireland reports largest daily jump in new cases, yet. The deaths of two men brought the number of fatalities in Ireland to six, in addition to two in Northern Ireland, while on Monday afternoon Dublin reported a record 219 new infections, bringing Ireland's total to 1,125

    *Nigeria closes borders, suspends international flights

    *Myanmar reports first cases

    *Canada reports jump in cases

    *Michigan, Indiana & Mass join stay at home states

    *Spain follows Italy by extending quarantine

    *1 in 3 Americans begin Monday under lockdown

    *White House correspondent rumored to test positive for COVID-19

    *India shutters domestic transit even as 'official' cases remain low

    *Trump sends National Guard troops to New York, California & Washington

    *Fed delivers latest bazooka blast with another massive monetary stimulus

    *Senate holds second stimulus vote

    *Amazon doubles workers overtime pay


Experts have identified what could be the first indicator that someone has COVID-19. The breakthrough could help identify silent carriers.


Losing your sense of smell could be one of the first signs you have COVID-19, Flinders University experts say. Ear nose and throat (ENT) surgeons said loss of smell was reported in one in three COVID-19 patients in Korea and in Germany it was one in two patients.

... more..

2 weeks 5 hours ago
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Make sure you wash your hands often:


India Is Now Hand-Stamping People Who Are Suspected To Have COVID-19 Infections


"Stamping is essential and very useful to reduce the spread."


1 week 6 days ago
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I got pulled over last night but I am an essential worker, weird being the only car with scores of trucks. I am not sure why a quality control inspector for pistols gets essential status, but Glock has a lot of friends in law enforcement, welcome to the new world order. I should be retired but have to have taxable income until the wife gets a green card interview with an agency that is closed at the moment, may take a year to get this done.

2 days 3 hours ago
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2 weeks 6 hours ago
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Harvard President Tests Positive For COVID-19: Live Updates

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 10:53


*US reports more than 10k new cases in largest daily jump yet

*Number of new coronavirus cases confirmed over last 2 days largest yet

*NY Gov Cuomo says cases in his state doubling every 3 days

*Pentagon says 174 service members have coronavirus

*Harvard president tests positive

*Alaska orders visitors to quarantine

*UK reports another jump in cases

*US records more than 100 deaths in a day

*India PM Modi announces 21-day nationwide lockdown that will be largest world has ever seen

*Pelosi says 'real optimism' Congress could reach stimulus bill deal in the next few hours

*Global case total nears 400k

*PM Abe, IOC agree to delay Tokyo Games 1 year, Paralympics still set to take place this summer

*India expands lockdown

*Italian designers making coronavirus face masks

*Pakistan deploys army

*Italy shuts down gas stations

*Albania imposes 16-hour daily lockdown

*Washington DC orders 'non-essential' businesses to close

*Russia, Poland close more businesses, tighten restrictions

*Myanmar, Laos confirm first cases

*Dr. Birx says NY efforts will take 1-2 weeks to show progress

*India bans export of ventilators

*Trump to invoke DPA to produce 60k masks

*G7 promises 'whatever is necessary' to save global economy

*Thailand to declare state of emergency

*Macau, Hong Kong tighten restrictions

*Beijing lifts lockdowns on Hubei, Wuhan

*Nearly half of UK watched Johnson's Monday night address

*Belgium reports 500+ new cases

*European PMI offer first indicator of economic damage

*German finance minister says more stimulus to come

*Hawaii reports first death

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1 week 6 days ago
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US Overtakes China As The Country With The Most COVID-19 Cases: Live Updates

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 17:44



    *Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre closed

    *New York City hospitals report "apocalyptic" surge in cases

    *US overtakes China as country with the most COVID-19 cases with 81,321 cases

    *Elmhurst Hospital in Queens is overwhelmed with new cases

    *More than 500k volunteers sign up to help the NHS in Britain

    *500k COVID-19 cases diagnosed

    *Italy reports largest batch of new cases in 5 days

    *Abbott Labs submitted application to FDA for point-of-care test

    *New Orleans hosts major outbreak

    *NJ reports another 2k+ cases, 19 deaths

    *Inmate in Washington DC tests positive

    *NBC Universal CEO Jeff Shell tests positive

    *India passes $22.6 billion bailout package

    *Tokyo reports 40 cases for 2nd day in a row

    *A record 3.3 million Americans file for unemployment

    *China bans entry of foreigners

    *157 more deaths reported in Iran

    *Putin shuts down Moscow, delays vote on constitutional measures

    *Wednesday was deadliest yet in US

    *President Xi calls on nations to improve policy coordination to avoid a recession

    *Mnuchin says he speaks with Powell up to '30 times a day'

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1 week 4 days ago
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NYC might go full Wuhan ...


Trump Weighs "Enforceable" Quarantine Order For Greater New York, Including Conn. & NJ: Live Updates

Sat, 03/28/2020 - 12:50


  • *Global case total tops 600k

    *Japan fast-tracks approval of treatment drug for COVID-19

    *Third UK minister self-quarantines after showing symptoms of virus

    *Trump weighing enforceable quarantine order for all of greater NY area

    *Trump tells NBC reporter that quarantines of New York, NJ & Conn. were "possible"

    *Italy case total surpasses China

    *Spain reports deadliest day yet

    *UK case total climbs north of 17k

    *Navy hospital ships leave for New York, LA

    *Abe says he's "just barely avoiding" declaring a national emergency

    *Yale University slammed for denying aid to city of New Haven

    *Shinzo Abe promises unprecedented stimulus package

    *Trump gives Pentagon power to call up retired soldiers and reservists

    *NYPD detective dies from COVID-19

    *Italian centennarian survives battle with COVID-19

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1 week 2 days ago
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Virginians Ordered To "Stay At Home" Until June 10, New Jersey COVID-19 Cases Jump By 3,000 In A Day, Italy Extends Lockdown By 1 Week: Live Updates

Mon, 03/30/2020 - 12:23



    *Dr. Fauci says 100k-200k Americans may die from COVID-19

    *Trump extends guidelines to April 30

    *Spain case total passes China

    *Maryland Gov. issues 'stay at home order'

    *Italy reports slowest rise in new cases in 2 weeks

    *South Korea reports worrying rebound in cases around Seoul

    *Virginia to become latest state to issue shelter in place orders

    *Russia expands Moscow lockdown throughout country

    *NY confirms another 7k cases

    *NYC remains undisputed center of US outbreak

    *Seattle area reports optimistic slowdown in new cases, deaths

    *New York surpasses 1k deaths

    *Indian migrant workers 'washed' with disinfectant

    *Dutch navy sailors test positive

    *Netanyahu goes on quarantine

    *Trump: US has enough medical equipment & ventilators to deal with peak of virus outbreak

    *Mnuchin says front-line workers deserve 'hazard pay'

    *Spike in cases should arrive around Easter, Trump said, deaths expected to be "very low"

    *JNJ announces encouraging progress on vaccine

    *Mexico refuses "to implement state of siege" as case numbers remain low

    *Russia ramps up testing

    *WHO said outbreaks in Italy and Spain "potentially stabilizing"

    *UK reports another 2,619 cases

    *Chinese press publishes photo of Xi standing in public without mask

    *France reports another 4k cases

    *NJ case total climbs to 16.6k

    *UN proposes $2.5 trillion global rescue program

    *Australia launches worker subsidy program

    *Tokyo Olympics officially delayed until 2021

    *Poland imposes more restrictions on life

    *Amazon workers planning strike


US Reports 500+ Casualties In 'Deadliest Day Yet', Confirms Largest Jump In New COVID-19 Cases: Live Updates

Tue, 03/31/2020 - 07:08


  • *US reports more than 500 deaths for first time
  • *US confirms largest one-day case jump
  • *Russia reports jump in cases, deaths
  • *Maryland, Virginia and DC all locked down
  • *Thailand warns it will prosecute all "April Fools Day" coronavirus jokers
  • *China plans to announce "asymptomatic" carriers of the novel coronavirus
  • *Dr. Fauci warns he fears virus will return this fall
  • *Ford, GE warn 100-day window for producing 50k ventilators doesn't start until April 20
  • *Spain reports third straight 'deadliest day yet;'
  • *Orban takes unilateral power in Hungary

On Monday, it was America's turn, as the US reported more than 500 deaths for the first time, according to reports published early Tuesday.

But it's not just that: The US has recorded the biggest daily jump in new cases of any country since the novel coronavirus first made the jump from animal to human (or...whatever) in Wuhan back in December. Even as the overall percentage rate slowed, the US still added more than 20,000 cases on Monday, with its daily rate slowing to 14% from 16%, per the FT. Monday also marked the first time that the US reported more than 500 deaths from COVID-19 in a single day, according to the Washington Post.

Worldwide, 61,404 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 on Monday, bringing the global total to 786,876, while the death toll increased by 3,723 to 37,839, on track to double in less than a week.

Most of the new cases reported in the US yesterday - cases and deaths, that is - happened in New York. In a tribute to medical workers battling the virus on the front lines, the Empire State Building flashed red and white on Monday night to symbolize "America’s heartbeat," lighting up the top of the iconic building.

6 days 16 hours ago
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1 week 7 hours ago
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Here We Go Again: China Puts Entire County On Lockdown After New Corona Cluster Emerges

Wed, 04/01/2020 - 12:47

China is no longer fixed.

Having lied for the past two months about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, eager to convey the message that the crisis "under control" just so people return to work, full of hope and enthusiasm, rejoicing at the surge in China's just as fabricated PMI numbers, and willing to work their asses off (with Beijing so generously willing to risk everyone's lives as the alternative is a complete collapse in China's economy), earlier today the US finally cracked down on the relentless barage of Chinese lies, when US intelligence accused China of deliberately lying about its coronavirus figures.

Then, in a miraculous coincidence, just moments later Reuters reported that a county in central China's Henan province announced on Wednesday it had "virtually banned all outbound movement of people, following several cases of coronavirus infection in the area."

According to a post on its social media account, Jia county - which has a population of about 600,000 - said that no one can travel out of Jia county without proper authorization. Additionally, residents are not allowed to leave their homes for work unless they have clearance to do so.



more ...


Wed, 04/01/2020 - 07:23



  • *Iran reports 138 deaths on Wednesday
  • *UK death toll jumps 563 as more than 4k deaths confirmed globally overnight
  • *Germany has extended its national social distancing 'guidelines'
  • *New York State death toll nears 2k
  • *India reports new batch of cases as lockdown cuts down on harmful emissions
  • *Hong Kong closes bars, karaoke lounges, beauty salons and other public areas as new cases jump
  • *Japan closes borders to travelers from 73 countries, including UK and US
  • *FDA reports shortages of malaria drugs touted by Trump
  • *Russia sends planeload of medical products to US
  • *Saudi hints that annual Hajj pilgrimage will be banned this year
  • *UN says outbreak "most challenging crisis we have faced since WWII"
  • *US case total nears 200k
  • *Italian finance minister says government agrees with business lobby's projection for 6% GDP contraction
  • *Spanish cases top 100k
  • *CDC continues "review" of facemask recommendation
  • *France rolls out new stimulus package as 'coronabonds' proposal dies out
  • *UK pubs hatch plan to become grocers
  • *Thai government puts thousands at risk with botched hand-out program
  • *Chinese provinces report 56 'asymptomatic' cases

5 days 10 hours ago
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Thu, 04/02/2020 - 15:16



  • *Spain deaths pass 10k
  • *Global cases near 1 million mark
  • *Infection in New Delhi slum sparks fears of mass breakout
  • *PM Abe mocked for handing out 'two masks' to every Japanese household
  • *British health official says "everybody is frustrated" about test shortage
  • *UK's Johnson says lockdown likely to last beyond April 15
  • *Half the world on lockdown, AFP reports
  • *World hits 50k COVID-19 deaths
  • *Italy cases, deaths continue to level off
  • *France reports drop in new cases
  • *UN climate summit canceled
  • *Singapore reports 49 new cases
  • *London's Francis Crick institute develops rapid test
  • *France tells battered women to go use secret code word at pharmacies to report abuse
  • *NY nears 100k cases, reports ~400 more deaths
  • *Another Princess Cruises ship has confirmed COVID-19 cases aboard
  • *Pence says US facing similar trajectory to Italy
  • *Tokyo reports record 97 cases in a day
  • *UN projects global economy will contract 1% in 2020
  • *Putin extends Russian shutdown
  • *Philippines' ambassador to Lebanon dies of COVID-19

Coronavirus outbreak, Italy:

April 2: 115,242 cases

March 28: 92,472

March 23: 63,927

March 18: 35,713

March 13: 17,660

March 8: 7,375

March 3: 2,502 cases



3/10 1,000 cases

3/11 1,267

3/12 1,645

3/13 2,204

3/14 2,826

3/15 3,505

3/16 4,466

3/17 6,135

3/18 8,760

3/19 13,229

3/20 18,763

3/21 25,740

3/22 34,276

3/23 42,663

3/24 52,976

3/25 65,273

3/26 82,135

3/27 101,295

3/28 121,176

3/29 139,773

3/30 160,377

3/31 185,469

4/01 199,729

4/02 216,722 cases

4 days 7 hours ago
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5 days 10 hours ago
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Fri, 04/03/2020 - 13:16


Cuomo Warns "More People Are Going To Die", New Jersey Lowers Flags To Half Staff, As US Cases Top 250K: Live Updates



    *US nonfarm payrolls was an unmitigated disaster.

    *Russia reports drop in cases after extending quarantine

    *NY COVID-19 cases top 100k

    *Bolsonaro urges country to "go back to work" as Brazil's governors say opposite

    *Brazil says first COVID-19 case and death in South American happened 1 month earlier

    *Beijing says more than half of foreign diplomats identified as close contacts of COVID-19 patients

    *NJ reports jump in new cases, deaths

    *Number of recovered patients tops 250k globally

    *Japan sees resurgence of cases continue

    *Navy hospital ship in NY only treating 20 patients

    *CNN's Brooke Baldwin tests positive

    *Netherlands reports another 148 deaths

    *UK reports biggest daily jump in deaths

    *Thousands of small business owners excluded from 'Paycheck Protection Program'

    *Spain, Germany report encouraging deceleration in new cases

    *Singapore launches strict 14-day lockdown to fight virus resurgence

    *Trump slams 3M on Twitter

    *400M in loans doled out

    *Bank of America becomes first big bank to issue loans via the plan

    *Mnuchin confirms 'Paycheck Protection Plan' is a go

    *Tokyo mayor warns about resurgence of cases on CNN


at, 04/04/2020 - 11:02





  • *UK reports more than 700 deaths, mortality rate climbs to record 10.35
  • *Germany reports smallest batch of deaths in 2 weeks
  • *Spain case numbers pass Italy, after reported lowest deaths in a week yesterday deaths
  • *Journalist says more than 800 health-care workers infected in Massachusetts
  • *Italian government agrees on emergency business loan program
  • *Portugal reported 638 new cases
  • *Belgium reported 1,661 new cases and 140 new deaths
  • *France says 600 soldiers infected
  • *UK Health Secretary reminds Britons to stay inside this weekend
  • *Pop star Pink test positive
  • *India quarantines 20k people connected to Islamic missionary movement
  • *Trump uses DPA act to block export of medical equipment
  • *Tokyo reports more than 100 cases in a day, largest jump yet, as *Japan's 2nd wave worsens

2 days 11 hours ago
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3 days 10 hours ago
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how to make a mask, very useful, I have ordered mask from the island no one talks about and got DHL to Atlanta, got 100 yesterday for 150 dollars shipping.


Any mask can do it, as I understand with some cotton cloth on mouth. I just have regular wood sanding mask which is not too tied to my face.

Even scarf is recommended here in EU.

I feel lucky I don't need to use public transport anymore like in Istanbul.


Fok it, you got to die of sumtin' ...

Was watching that u-Tube vid you posted on another thread about origins of Covid virus by an American reporter in Wahun. Pretty convincing ... with all data and facts. Wahun bat scientists were suddenly just disappeared ..

Zero picked up the same story today ...

1 day 21 hours ago
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2 days 3 hours ago
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Another 600 COVID-19 Patients Die In New York As US Death Toll Tops 10k; Fewest Italy Infections In 3 Weeks: Live Updates

Though the good news continues in Europe...



  • *First 'confrontation' reported at White House task force

    *Peak week' begins in the US

    *Experts question drop in NYC hospitalizations, deaths

    *Situation in Italy, Spain continues to improve as UK reports biggest jump in fatalities

    *Belgium cases break above 20k

    *Russia reports biggest jump in new cases

    *Iranian official death toll nears 4k

    *Tokyo reports another 50+ cases

    *UK death toll tops 50k

    *NY reports disappointing jump in deaths

    *Italy reports drop in cases, jump in deaths

    *Global death passes 70k

    *NYC expected to see 876 deaths during Thursday's "peak"

    *More experts warn deaths being undercounted in NYC

    *Germany releases plan to get "back to normal" by April 19

    *Worker at Georgia nuclear power plant tests positive

    *Cuomo doubles fine for breaking 'social distancing' rules

    *Spain sees drop in deaths

    *SK reports fewest new cases in weeks

    *3rd passenger dies aboard "Coral Princess"

    *Abe rolls out state of emergency to begin Tuesday

    *Trump "optimistic" about Sunday's data

    *Hospital operator Quorum facing bankruptcy amidst global health crisis

7 hours 5 min ago
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9 hours 34 min ago
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A: Going to HK would be the best bet I reckon, especially if you were loo
A:Going to HK would be the best bet I reckon, especially if you were looking for a church wedding. Chinese weddings are pretty grim IMO - you go to a barren govt dept with souless officials and navigate red tape so some guy can give you a red stamp and a marriage book. You get expensive pictures taken of you both posing in places you'd never go to in everyday life that is somehow supposed to represent your wedding, then a while later it's off to a restaurant where a game show host kind of guy makes sure it's as tacky as possible while the guests eat as fast as they can so they can leave as soon as they finish eating and gave you money. Hell, I'd go to Thailand or the Philippines and get married in Paradise.   -- Stiggs