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Q: Online console gaming in China

So, as many of you know online gaming in china is shit. You get disconnected all the time, and high ping and many other things expecially when playing western games on western servers when playing on xbox or ps4. For example, on my xbox when i would check my connection in the setting it would say I was using a double NAT and a strict NAT. So that means you cant even play with a lot of other players, I would explain why, but thats the case. The NAT should be open for you to be able to play with everyone. 


So a few weeks ago im looking at random shit on taobao and came across this this little rig. if you type in "xbox switch" in taobao or just search this 

PS4 Switch Xbox NS 奇游联机宝 主机游戏加速器网络优化NAT设备

you'll see it. its 168rmb. its like a little box that you hook to the internet and than hook to you console. It opens up all your NAT and speeds up gaming and no disconnects and you can play on american servers with pretty low ping. 


Now at first i thought it was kind of bullshit, but 168rmb is not that much so i though i would try it would. You need to pay monthly to use the service. It's 30rmb a month and you can pay though wechat. You download the APP and you connect to the little box wirelessly and you can change the setting and servers from there. There are 3 servers for china 3 for america, 1 or 2 for Europe and one for Korea. You pick the one with the lowest MS which is usally America 1....and thats it, its connected. So all the games play though american servers so its all english speakers. Its really good and works like it says.


I've been using it for almost a month and its gold man. I have xbox game pass so I can try it on alot of games and it works good for all of them. You wont get speed like you would playing in america, but its certainly playable. most games I tried the speed is about 30-100MS. Which I dont notice any lag or anything on games like PUBG, Overwatch, RDR2, Starwars battlefront, COD they all work good and Ive never been disconnected.Before... shit, Some games wont even connect at all to even play. and if it did it was like 300-1000 MS and disconnect every 5 minutes. With this it actually works. I was shocked actually.


So anyone have any questions about it, I think I can answer them.


1 year 7 weeks ago in  Arts & Entertainment - China

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