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Q: Over-promise and under-deliver

This story from last year.


But I wonder if they are the same busses used all over China, and why we don't hear of the same problems in China. 

13 weeks 22 hours ago in  General  - China

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China is no different than this:


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13 weeks 21 hours ago
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I always wondered about these so called green buses, routes are shorter in China and more densely populated areas, but the labor to take care of them is much lower in cost than in the west.


One of my colorful experiences in China was being on a bus with a bad clutch and the driver was still trying to drive the bus, with a translator I was trying to explain that the ring at the bottom was stripped out and the clutch pad needs replacing, the driver said we don't fix until it stops, then they tow it back, this way the tow truck has a job, the mechanics have a job and preventing it with maintenance means he can't spend an hour sitting around smoking a cigarette waiting for someone with a job to bring him a new bus to drive. So now that the ring or pad breaks they have several jobs rebuilding the whole thing. For my truck fleet I only hired drivers that could float shift a transmission to avoid replacing a clutch that would take 14 to 16 hours labor charge at 80 to 120 dollars an hour, plus a crappy rebuilt clutch from Mexico with only a one year warranty. Replacing the clutch pad ring would take about 2 hours and the clutch would go another year, they actually don't do clutch adjustments, something we do in the west twice a year on heavy duty buses and trucks.

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13 weeks 20 hours ago
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