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Q: Questions about IIT app and tax deduction application

Has anyone had experience with using the IIT app for tax deduction application? Did you go to the tax bureau to get your taxpayer number? Was your deduction application successful?
I went to the tax bureau, their system wasn't working so I couldn't get the taxpayer number and I can't use the app without it (Chinese workers can do it easily with their ID card). So I'm going to come back to the bureau again when their system is working, but they told me they can't guarantee that my tax deduction will work. I'm going to apply due to elderly parents, and I was told that since my parents have no links to China, it would be hard to apply and suggested them to get a Chinese visa. To me it sounds crazy.
Has anyone applied for such a deduction through the app? Could you share your experience?

1 year 26 weeks ago in  Visa & Legalities - China

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