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Q: Recommend a restaurant please



Can anyone recommend any good restaurants in Changsha?


I've found a few but am always on the lookout for good new eateries.  I don't mind if it's Chinese or Western, quick snack place or nice place to go with friends, but I'm on a budget so nowhere too pricey please (no more than 50 yuan per head, preferably less than 20).  I live in Yuelu District but happy to got across the river (within reasonable travel distance though!).


For the benefit of any westerners in Yuelu who want to step outside China for the evening, try Hawa Cafe on 新民路 (Xinmin Road) .  It's tucked up a side street a few yards east of the restaurant with fish tanks built into the walls.





10 years 13 weeks ago in  Food  - Changsha

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Here is a list from the Chinese 'net of the 25 best restaurants in Changsha.  It's not my list and from days in Changsha, I only was at 2 - 3 of these.  In any case, best wishes for the New Year and here's the list:

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10 years 12 weeks ago
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