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Q: Scam company in XI an

Beware of this company


a skinny Chinese dude who calls himself Robert Haller and his boss, mr guo and his assistent Mary.

a boss I did translation for went there, invited by them,  to sign a contract, they used exactly the same procedure described here:



intook photos of them. If some one need them , let me know.

4 years 45 weeks ago in  Business & Jobs - Xi'an

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What was the scam?


In order for it to be a scam, you need to lose something believing that you would be receiving something in exchange....


did you check that website?have you checked their website?You dont need to jump into acid to know that is going to kill you, isnt?I went to a 8 hours meeting with them where I witness the following: incredible chinglish on a contract I basically write from the scratch;imcompentence from a company is supposed to handle business of millions in usd; a GM with an English name and surname that doesn't speak English and doesnt understand any English and with the temper of a 8 yo old boy..should I continue?

4 years 45 weeks ago
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I'm still wondering what, exactly, it was that they were going to take from you... was it supposed to be 1500 (currency?) in notorisation fees?


Or just not pay for the goods delivered?


Or what?

4 years 45 weeks ago
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yes the above fee you mentioned, that according to the boss and his assistant, was 8000 euro to be split in half (of course!) but the strange things is that they were ready to pay a million euro (50%) of the project at once within 30 days after we signed the contract but the contract had to be notarised first...

4 years 45 weeks ago
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4 years 45 weeks ago
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