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Common folk

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Q: Why can't I redeem points?

Hi there. I currently have over 100 point on my profile from frequent logins, posting reviews and commenting on articles etc. I am attempting to redeem 100 points to promote my resume. Does anyone know why it won't work? My resume is 100% completed, but it will never allow me to submit my request fully. Thanks!

7 weeks 4 days ago in  General  - China

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 No, 'why' ... !


 ... is an often used Chinese English expression.


Did you know, you can score an extra pint every day, if you erase cache file on your puter? ... 'cause when you do that, you must login to the website again ...


I have more than 25k pints (posting since 2010 ...), and ... I don't own an umbrella. The part of "no umbrella" is similar to 'religious beliefs' at mine ..


butT ... despite that I am unable to source my 14 raincoats.


At least, you understand Chinese meaning of "no, why!" 

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7 weeks 4 days ago
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