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Q: Why do taxis have different colors in Beijing?

While finding my ways through Beijing, I noticed most taxi's have different colors. Most of them all are Hyundai made and have the yellow feature, but I've seem those taxis in green; red; white; brown; purple; etc and I am probably missing out on some colors.

I've asked my Chinese friends about this; but strangly I keep getting different answers:
- different colors represent different companies?
- different colors due to the year of fabrication?

Personally I think, and hope, that the colors represent each district. Wouldn't that be great?!


(Asked by a Dutch guy)

10 years 12 weeks ago in  Transport & Travel - Beijing

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Nah, it's a mix of both the answers you got.
For example there used to be a lot of old, red taxis, and judging by the quality of their service and their cars, those were probably the "veterans" of taxis. But they all got removed because they almost always had sneaky ways to take more of your money (taking loooong detours with lots of traffic, using modified fare counting things, etc).
Then they all switched to the green/blue/whatever ones with the yellow bottom, the color being meaningless (except for yellow).
They also installed a few pitch black taxis, which offer the cleanest and comfiest rides, but are extremely scarce.
Basicly : Red taxis = old pieces of junk driven by thieves, removed when the olympics came.
Yellow bottom taxis = average taxi, made a bit before and after the olympics, they're the most standart ones.
Black taxis = High quality taxis
Also, "London" taxis = For handicapped people mainly, you're only lucky motherf- if you ever get the chance to take one (spacious, clean, fast, awesome)

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10 years 12 weeks ago
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