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Q: Why trump is a complete moron ? 


Trump is right to want to build a wall.

Trump is right to want a fair trade deal with China.

Trump is right to want to lessen the trade deficit with Mexico.

Trump is right to want to keep Muslims from certain countries out until we can better screen and make sure we only let in safe Muslims.

Trump is right to not want refugees in America and to undo that BS deal Obama signed with Australia.


But the way he's doing these things is causing people to be against these things. How do you threaten to invade Mexico? Mexico is not responsible for our border security! Drop the whole BS about Mexico paying for the wall, not possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How the hell do you go around pissing of allies and being seriously disrespectful .

As stated previously the way he went about the ban doomed it to certain reversal. 

The way he's dealing with make's him look like Fatty Kim, there's so much facts to use to bolster your case and get other world powers on your side ie: photos of all the cars Chinese companies have ripped off, news articles of China  targeting and screwing foreign companies for being successful


When you try to do the right thing the wrong way no one will support you. 




3 years 16 weeks ago in  Visa & Legalities - China

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Trump's goals are valid, the path or means he chooses is a reflection of his style which everyone knows is kick'em in the ass.


In a peaceful world filled with evolved, civilized, and highly educated citizens no country would elect a leader of Trump's style. Maybe a handful of lowly evolved blood-thirsty warmongers, soul-less adrenalin junkies would vote for him, the majority wouldn't.


Unfortunately, history tells us this is not the way human species works. Without unscrupulous and violence-thirsty China you can still argue that USA doesn't need a leader of Trump's style. 


After global human population broke the 7 billion mark (around 2012), along with global warming (causing water shortages in countries like Syria which is just the beginning), you see all kinds of creatures scurrying out of their sinking ship. And with countries like China prying and utilizing all possible ways to infiltrate and invade the "haves countries", you still wonder why Trump got elected?


Is Trump's election good for America? Yes. Is this a good sign from a global perspective ? No, because this tells you the kind of world we are in. Is this a good sign in the grand scheme of things? Probably, because this planet needs a way to finish off the majority of one overpopulated species, namely homeo sapien​, who collectively is poisoning and wrecking Earth at breakneck speed.

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3 years 16 weeks ago
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I think Trump ran for President as a lark. He didnt think he would even be nominated by the Republicans much less win the office. He was (ironically) helped a lot by the press itself, giving Trump about a Billion dollars in free coverage, although a lot of that was negative. He actually beat out sixteen other candidates for the nomination, including some well known people.


The 2016 election featured the two worst candidates probably in the history of the Republic. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was also an awful candidate. She is very dishonest, a double dealer, someone who will support trends instead of having real positions. For instance, gay marriage. When Hillary was a Senator and when she first ran for the Democratic nomination in 2008 (when she lost to Obama who won the Presidency) she was against gay marriage, only because the majority of the nation was against it. She only supports it (in words only) because the tide shifted. She really isnt that liberal at heart and actually conservative at heart but because of her party, she has to support the position the Democrats support. But then again, like I said, Hillary Clinton supports what she thinks the voters will support her on. Not to mention that she is a nasty troll of a woman, who stood by her philandering husband and actually went against the women accusing Bill Clinton of rape and sexual abuse. Really there is not enough room in this message board to talk about all the bullshit Hillary Clinton has pulled. Look her up on Youtube or other sites. The e-mails, Bengazi (she was a horrible Secretary of State), the Clinton Foundation. If Clinton won the office she would have charged foreign leaders and business leaders millions of dollars to have an audience with her to do back door deals.


The day of the election, everyone thought Hillary was going to win, including Trump. Actually for Trump to lose would have been a boon for him, since he could have started his own brand of Trumpist conservative media, bashing Clinton and everything else. To everyone's astonishment, he WON.


I think for one thing, Trump doesnt know what the fuck he is doing. He has his own ideas and many of them are unworkable but his ego and his feeling of "Im right, your wrong" has alienated a lot of the Washington insiders and we are seeing the breakdown now. I dont think all of what Trump is doing or is trying to do is awful. But the man makes an ass of himself and he is too egotistical to realize it. His stupid ass Twitter account for instance. I sort of agree with him on immigration and the laws and that laws must be respected. I am an alien living in a foreign nation (China). As an ESL board, I wish I had free reign to do whatever I want to do in China, but there are laws and rules here like every other country and they must be respected.


Lastly, I dont think Trump will run in 2020. I will give 10 to 1 odds that he will die before 2020. He is the nation's oldest President and although he doesnt drink alcohol or smoke, he has a poor diet, and I think the stress of the job is getting to him. He had an easy and fun life as a private citizen pre-2016 and most people either liked him as a character or as a host of a TV show (the "You're fired" show). Now millions of people hate him. Trump has been nagged by this Russian collusion business, which I think is overblown. He is only two years in and cannot see him lasting two more years. if he does, he will be like 74-75 years old and will say "fuck this" and go. There is a possibility that the Mueller investigation might find illegalities of the Trump family and that his kids might be in serious legal trouble which might be mitigated if Trump leaves. But like I said, I cannot see Trump do two more years, much less six if he happens to win in 2020.


A word about Bernie Sanders, Sanders is a joke. He is an old moldy leftist. He is from a state (Vermont) which has a population of about 750,000 people tucked away in the way northeast of the country of mainly liberals, leftists and hippies. His idea of "Medicare for All" and "Free" college educations is unworkable and will bankrupt the country. His wife Jane Sanders  was also caught in some financial misdeeds concerning a college or a business. He is very out of touch with the mainstream of America. He is much more honest and forthright in his beliefs, but his beliefs are boffo.

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1 year 21 weeks ago
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