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Q: The word brainwashing comes from china mainlanders, by twisting Buddhists scriptures?


"The new word brainwashing entered our minds and diction aries in a phenomenally short time. This sinister political expression had never been seen in print anywhere until a few years ago. 


About the only times it was ever heard in conversation was inside a tight, intimate circle of trusted relatives or reliable friends in Red China during the short honeymoon period of communism.


The few exceptions were when a Red indoctrinator would lose his temper and shout out , "You need a brainwashing ."


The reason the word was picked up so quickly was that it was not just a clever synonym for something already known, but described a strategy that had yet no name.....


The word came out of the sufferings of the Chinese people.  Put under a terrifying combination of subtle and crude mental and physical pressures and tortures, they detected a pattern and called it brainwashing . 


The Reds wanted people to believe that it could be amply described by some familiar expression such as education, public relations, persuasion or by some misleading term like mind reform and re-education. None of these could define it because it was much, much more than anyone of them alone.


The communist hierarchy preferred people to believe that there was no such thing as brainwashing . So long as they could keep it concealed, without a name, opposition to it could be kept scattered and ineffective . 


The German - born Sinologue , Max Perleberg , who is fluent in both modern and classical Chinese , told me that the term might well have been derived from the Buddhist expression

'heart-washing' which goes back to the time of Mencius. Heart-washing referred to the withdrawal into meditation of a middle-aged man —perhaps weary of worldly cares — living in a bare pavilion in some placid corner o f his garden, leaving his offspring to attend to his business.


People closed their eyes to brainwashing . How much of this was calculated and how much neiiveté can be argued indefinitely. What was obvious was that the communists were very profitably exploiting the opporpunity this provided. "


You can download this 300+ pages e-book for free. I downloaded it sometime last year as  to-read material.


2 years 32 weeks ago in  Health & Safety - China

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But it should be noted, the Party and the Government of china has a propoganda department. They dont hide it. It is called the propoganda department. The use of propoganda goes from top to bottom here. And they call it what it is. PROPAGANDA.

I saw propaganda on youtube today. Mike Pence walking out of a game, protesting against other people protesting. He tweeted something about disrespect to soldiers, Trump tweeted that he had given Pence instructions, the taxpayers had to foot the bill for airforce 2 etc.

As I headed to work this morning the local school had the Chinese national anthem blaring out... brainwashing. They do it every morning as they raise the flag, and again on friday as they lower it.

As I have said before here, as a brit, I have pledged alliegiennce once. When I joined the army. And that was a pledge to the queen. Only once.

Once is enougth.

A pledge is a pledge.

Why do American school kids have to do it every day?

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2 years 32 weeks ago
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Tried washing my brain once,,, didn’t work,,, gf told me again just today that I was ‘dirty-minded’.


seriously I have verbally wrasseled more than once with some HS students about Taiwan,,, I kept coming back to why did they give a fk so much?  They couldn’t answer,,,, I’m guessing BW from Grade School onwards about it?   haha,,, can u imagine a Cali HS kid giving a flyin’ fk about that sort of thing.

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2 years 32 weeks ago
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