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A: I mainly got new (English teaching) jobs in China from here. I also us
A:I mainly got new (English teaching) jobs in China from here. I also used several good job recruiters and I got new offers that way, too.The other (ET) jobs website is Dave's ESL Cafe, and if you'll Yahoo-gle "ESL job vacancies in China", you'll find more websites advertising ET job openings in China. You can replace 'ESL' with any job you're looking for ... Many reasons why no replies from job advertisers ... Chinese borders remain closed as one. Nobody will hire you, if you can't enter China. The other thing here is (was from 2009 - 2017), never stop sending your CV until you get an interview invitation ... In my time, I usually spoke to at least two schools in the same time and then I picked and signed the best contract .. Good luck! -- icnif77