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  • Jul 30,2022

    Teaching English in China Requirements for 2022 (


    This link will answer your visa questions. There is NOT a requirement for two years experience to be a teacher in China. 


    If you come with your husband under a different visa,...

  • Jul 26,2022

    All the media that came my way over the last two years or whatever said that the point of the vaccines are to give you a much better chance of not ending up in hospital if and when you get exposed to the virus, and that you will be a lot less contagious to others.


    It was clearly explained that:


    1. You might have no obvious symptoms, but you could still...

  • Jul 09,2022

    I think there is a mixed bag of reactions. It is not a regional thing as much as it is a cultural thing. If you are in the city, probably nothing or very little will occur. While Xian is a smaller city than many, I am sure they are used to seeing foreigners.


    In rural areas, you may be treated as a rock star by the younger generation. Parents of those kids will evaluate you...

  • Jul 02,2022

    A few years ago, Filipno teachers were beginning to find acceptance in training schools. I think there were special requirements for them to legally get to teach in China. I know that many Filipino teachers found their way into training schools in the southern regions of China. 


    I do not think they get the same salary as a typical foreigner teacher from a western...

  • Jun 26,2022

    You mean, you're permitted to 'travel' around near-by supermarket ... in summer break?   ...

  • Jun 18,2022

    No, I wasn't saying Trudeau is a doctor.


    I'm forgetting this is a forum read by people with differing levels of English ability - my bad - I know the use of analogies can confuse some people so for those readers who somehow think my point was about Trudeau being a doctor I'll re-phrase it.


    1. There's an emergency situation requiring action to deal with...

  • Jun 16,2022

    There was a recent change this past week (so I hear). 7 days hotel quarantine. The 7 days at-home restriction. Covid test within 48 hours of entry. I am not sure how many is required during the quarantines. The quarantine has been eased considerably. Unsure what will happen once cooler weather arrives in the Fall. In China, don't blink, or else policies change. 

  • Jun 15,2022

    Let us hope we won't get locked down for that, too or for being on ECC community. DO you imagine getting locked down your whole neighborhood out of being in chat here with someone with monkeypox? Hahahahahahahah, God forbid. Knock on the wood.

  • Jun 07,2022

    As pointed out above, your question is lacking in details but I'd say if your contract has ended and the apartment is supplied by the employer they have every right to tell you to get out. They probably need it for whoever is replacing you.



  • Jun 06,2022

    I thought the education in America was going down the toilet. Apparently the UK education system is worse. A "science" teacher looking to teach "online" does not know how to do a simple search on the computer? The only thing funnier than this question would be if they claimed to teach computer science.  What is this world coming to?

  • Jun 02,2022

    The work permit expiring after the contract ends is pretty normal.


    Usually, your contract will start the day you arrive but it takes some time for the RP / WP stuff to be processed. The WP won't be backdated, it will start on the day it's approved and processed so if it took 3 weeks for that to happen your 12 month WP will expire 3 weeks after your 12 month contract. If it...

  • May 13,2022

    They're saying you should be in China already because entering China is pretty much impossible at the moment due to covid restrictions. This means schools can only recruit from people already in the country.


    Also, unless you have dual citizenship you probably wouldn't meet the visa requirements to teach (teach English that is, maybe you could teach other subjects, I don't...

  • Apr 25,2022

    Good luck mate, I hope it works out for you.

  • Apr 17,2022

    I admire your enthusiasm about getting a job in China. I had worked 25 years in China as a Consultant Builder and had moved from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and back to Beijing. 


    Back 25 years ago when I arrived in China, they welcome us, Foreigners with open arms, asking us 'to teach them how to build a better world for everyone in the world'. I had...

  • Apr 12,2022

    I would strongly suggest anyone not in lockdown to stock up on food, water etc if you haven't already, just in case.


    Omicrom spreads fast so it seems likely more cities will get locked down. I'm sure everyone has been watching the news, food delivery services are likely to be pushed to their limit and availability of your preferred foods might not be a given.


  • Apr 06,2022

    Aside from teaching foreigners are usually either working at foreign companies or if they work in a Chinese company they'll have an in-demand skill that can't be found easily in China.In your situation you could probably try reaching out to import / export companies, maybe you'll be able to use your previous experience to land a job.





  • Mar 27,2022

    To be bluntly honest, there is no real room for vaccine scepticism here - and certainly not from foriegners coming over on year long Z-Visas.


    That and you will be controlled wherever you go and what you do via phone apps and you will be scanned in and out of malls, university/school gates etc - the school will probably ask you if you have been vaccinated during the...

  • Mar 17,2022

    Well the borders are closed so....

    An American friend who was already in China just got a new job, other American friends there haven't said anything about problems caused by China/US relations, not like they're ever great at the best of times anyway.

    If and when the borders reopen, there's still an ESL industry there and we're not in WW3 or anything you can probably apply and be...

  • Mar 06,2022

    That’s not entirely true anymore. The law changed recently. In certain cities it’s possible for students to work if they get permission from this school and meet certain requirements. The fact that they’re not really letting international students into the country anymore makes it irrelevant though.

  • Feb 11,2022

    I read on my phone that a Swedish curling player, Almida Deval, who currently lives in Shanghai, took leave to represent team Sweden in Beijing, and won 3rd place in mixed doubles.


    Some of her colleagues only found out about this later, and were very surprised plus inspired.


    And Gu Ai Ling made some news. She's hot, sexy, atheletic and now represents...

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A: Teaching English in China Requirements for 2022 (
A:Teaching English in China Requirements for 2022 ( This link will answer your visa questions. There is NOT a requirement for two years experience to be a teacher in China.  If you come with your husband under a different visa, make sure you have all the required documentation to get a Z visa when you find a job in China. It will make your life much easier.  To work in China, you MUST have a Z visa and only a Z visa.  -- nashboroguy