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  • Sep 17,2023

    1. Apply at FindJobz, top L corner of this screen!


    2. Have a look over the Internet with "Requirements for an English teaching job in China" in search for more details.

    You could also look at the guidance titled "How to use an Internet, search engines in particular ..." for more in-dept knowledge.


    3. As you can see from no. 2,, main requirement...

  • Sep 10,2023

    Fuk-ang, Xinjiang, but only at the small Uyghur's bakery shacks, if they still exist. 


    Rye and pure corn bread, which are both baked as 150g or so brioches and focaccias. Year 2012/13.


    You might also try in Kaifeng or in Henan overall, anywhere with the larger Uyghur populus.


    I've lived and worked in both places. Nowhere else...

  • Sep 01,2023

    As spanish i agree with you with the comment about the mediterranean food, but i cant be totally agree when you say the chinese food is unhealthy and taste bad. First, we need to define chinese food, which kind of chinese food? because the variety is quite big between provinces. Is the doufu unhealthy? well, it depend where you will eat it and which kind of doufu. is the duck meat unhealthy?...

  • Aug 01,2023

    You can exit China under Z visa anytime you please. However, most recipients of Z visa apply with employer's help for Residence permit after the entry to China.


    Z visa is valid 30-days and you can do whatever you want, apply for RP or exit China and return home.

    Z visa cancellation is impossible, I'd say, unless you committed a crime and even then cops would just...

  • Aug 01,2023

    1. Your Nationality

    You must be from one of seven approved countries – UK, Ireland, US,...

  • Jul 15,2023

    Passport change might work, but what about the same name on the new passport?

    I've always had a doubt at passport change 'cause the name remains the same.

    I've never tried that though, because I've never had a similar troubles ... and in my country, you can't just change a passport on the whim. It must be damaged, lost/stolen or near the expiration date, so change is warranted....

  • Jul 05,2023

    Reason might be the current negative sentiment between China and USA with other western (EU & Japan) countries.

    They are keep banning each other for this or that and restricting access to a vital resources, i.e. Rare Earth metals as the latest Chinese export ban.


    Today's stream title:


  • Jul 04,2023

    These days you'll need to go at it alone.


    Here's how:


    1. Buy an online classroom call "Classin". ( 10,000 RMB), Skype is harder for Chinese parents to setup, Wechat is ...OooK but not great. QQ has fallen out somewhat.  DingTalk is the best choice for a cheaper price.

    2. Use Canva to make ad's and screenshot your Wechat QR and crop the QR...

  • Jun 28,2023

    Yeah, I might be out of touch with the real situation in China at present time. I exited China in June, 2017, but ...

    Rules for WP, Z visa and RP later on are centralized across China. Employer can file WP application and more only online. No province or city can overrule that and issue Working permit to a non-English native foreigner unless they do some shady paperwork ...


  • Jun 11,2023

    No, you are not ... illegible to legally work in China as an ET.

    Rules to obtain ET Z (Working) visa are centralized across China, i.e. rules don't differ from province to province, city to city.


    For a legal ET job in China, one must hold a native English passport (UK, USA, Canada, Ozz, New Zealand or S. Africa), as first.


    Non-native English...

  • May 25,2023

    Easter is a common egg-coloring, religious holiday in Western countries ... angel


    Here, we all stream upon improvin' pesters written English syntax. ...

  • May 24,2023

    That is a typical Chinese style blackmail!


    I wouldn't worry for the WP application expiration at all!

    WP application doesn't expire. It is either approved or rejected and that is known fairly fast, 2-weeks time the longest.


    I'd find another employer, Z visa sponsor ASAP, sign new contract and start with WP application all over again.


  • May 24,2023

    "their 'qualifications' are essentially worthless" ? Do some research on China Europe International Business School and check the Financial Times of London's ranking for EMBA
    and MBA in the last 7 years. Smile

  • May 18,2023

    I don't think, it will work without exiting China.


    1. As I am aware, you can get Z visa only out of China, at any Chinese embassy abroad.

    Chinese embassy in Hong Kong's Wanchai is the closest one.


    2. To get Z visa, you will need a sponsor, Company, which will employ you and supply all the documents necessary to obtain Z visa.


  • Mar 24,2023

    It happened to me, once ... in 2014 or 15 ...

    Plane from end-of-RP city (Tianjin) had more than 10h delay at take-off, and I came to the HK's exit Luohu some 7 hours after the RP expiration date.

    In real, I came to the exit crossing just on time or maybe only an hour late, but Luohu is closed overnight (10pm - 6am), which I didn't anticipate.

    There were two unexpected...

  • Mar 20,2023

    Yes, you can get legal ET job by the Chinese Labor law. 


    Problem is, most Chinese managers and recruiters don't know, they can obtain Working permit for a non-native English passport holder, teacher with BA completed in a native English country.


    I'd suggest, you mention possibility of legal employment for non-native English teacher with degree...

  • Mar 05,2023

    unless you are married to a local, your parents can only stay as long as you are (legally) working there.


    if you are not married to a local, once your visa expires and you exit, your parents would have to leave too.


    This is not 'retiring' to China as most people would understand it, as it is contingent on your presence.

  • Mar 03,2023

    On the contrary @Blondies, I have to say, I've negotiated with Chinese employers over my pay. I didn't really want to negotiate, but ... in 2013, I finished the contract in Xinjiang with pay at 8k per month and half pay for each of the 3-months of recess on 14 classes (45') per week, no office hours, with all standard perks included, what was my best contract at the time.



  • Mar 02,2023

    Z visa and Working permit rules in China are centralized, i.e. rules do not differ from Province to Province, city to city and  ...


    You cannot get legal English teaching job in China unless you hold a native English passport (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa).


    Read about it here:



  • Feb 21,2023

    Not older than 60-years old, everywhere across China ...


    I didn't say, you're already too old ...! ...

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A: 1. Apply at FindJobz, top L corner of this screen! 2. Have a look
A:1. Apply at FindJobz, top L corner of this screen! 2. Have a look over the Internet with "Requirements for an English teaching job in China" in search for more details.You could also look at the guidance titled "How to use an Internet, search engines in particular ..." for more in-dept knowledge. 3. As you can see from no. 2,, main requirement for an ET job in China is holding of a native English passport (UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and S. Africa), no different than anywhere else in the world. 4. Non-English native passport holders qualify for an ET job in China only if they hold BA degree completed in the native English country.However, most recruiters and hiring managers in China aren't aware of that exemption, so if you hold a degree from one or two native English countries, I suggest you include that into Introduction letter. Good lucky! P.S.Application for the NASA's Moon-to-Mars Program at the Cape Canaveral is less stringent than applying for an ET job as a non-native Englisher ...That of course, is an opinion of a non-English native teacher with lengthy English teaching experience in several different countries.  -- icnif77