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  • Jun 21,2021

    Eggs have a natural coating called bloom, which is the egg's natural protective layer. When washing destroys the protective layer, the eggs can easily spoil. This is why it is necessary to store them in the refrigerator. Here is information about the shelf life of eggshttps...

  • Jun 20,2021

     look in the jobs section of this site.
    if you are able to use the internet, you are able to put the key-words into a search engine and find something.


    if you are unable to do the above, maybe you are not ready for the world of work.

  • Jun 18,2021

    I have once been asked, on the former chats, back in the 2000 "are you male or female?"

    I have answered: "I'm not male nor female, I am an e-mail"

    What about you?

  • Jun 16,2021

    it is up to you do decide how much money you are prepared to spend on your family.

    if you buy fake goods you are supporting what would be considered (possibly) criminals as faking products is considered a criminal activity in many other countries.
    do you support criminal activity?
    not knowing this seems unbelievable.

    but in China this is considered 'clever'

    I am...

  • Jun 13,2021

    As humans gain knowledge and money, they realize the long term cost and sacrifice involved to raise children. The poor and uninformed just do it because they don't know any better. The higher the income per capita, the lower the birth rate. This wont change any time soon. The price of progress and enlightenment.

  • Jun 08,2021

    Most of the companies still use traditional methods of hiring such as, interviews, resume reviews, background screening, etc. HR professionals still follow the several, decades old pattern of personality assessments but in a quicker and efficient way, which will yield accurate results. Employee assessments tools are extremely beneficial in realizing the results are quantifiable and go a long...

  • Jun 01,2021

    Go to the Jobs part of the website and write your profession in search bar. You can also adjust the city, you are living.


    Here, what I found with "French Teacher" in search:



  • May 28,2021

    Yeah, you might try your luck with Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau or even try to change the last novelty of Chinese Labour law implemented in 2017 ... I don't have a weblink, but recognised native English countries in China are:

    "UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand."

    I ain't sure, if South Africa is included in that list, but most likely it is.


    That means...

  • May 25,2021
  • May 11,2021

    One reason for not getting replies out of Chinese employers is Chinese don't reply with polite note "Thank you for your application! Position has been filled already." same as western employers usually do.


    Once Chinese employer see they are unable to place you at the advertised position for this or that reason, they just move onto next one.



  • Apr 16,2021

    If you earned a Master's Degree in English Literature or a related subject, you can teach English legally in China even if you don't hold a passport from the usually accepted list of countries. The visa requirements clearly specifies this “loophole”.

    Nonetheless, I think this requirement is only for teaching English. If you are a licensed...

  • Apr 13,2021

    Getting my second dose of Moderna in a couple weeks. This is perhaps the only benefit of being in the US now. Then I can go to one of the countries that allows vaccinated tourists. IMO, worth the wait.


    @Nasboroguy: The Chinese government has already admitted that their two vaccines are not as effective as they initially said. No big surprise. Now they are talking about...

  • Mar 30,2021

    Any headline containing: slams, destroys, or some similar hyperbolic bollocks immediately identifies itself are an article full of opinion pretending to be fact, and not worth reading.

  • Mar 25,2021

    "is there any possibilities to get a job in China for my degree"


    I have no idea, but.....

    >Check the situations vacant listings in China

    >talk to people who work in that industry for an idea of what's available.


    And how to apply for a job?


    >Find a job being advertised and...

  • Mar 19,2021

    That old Chinese lady is a legend, some cowardly little piece of shite sucker punched her and probably another old man earlier, so she wrecked him, put him in hospital. Good for her but she should never have been put in that situation.


    The fact that this is a thing now, attacking elderly people (or anyone for that matter) , often from behind and probably calling themselves...

  • Feb 28,2021

    There is not much on web for "Can you enter China with Covid-19 vaccination certificate?".

    US Embassy on Covid China ...


    Nothing set in stone, yet for "vaccine...

  • Jan 25,2021

    Can a new employer help you? Possibly but it's really hard to say for sure.


    I used to be involved in hiring new teachers and a couple of times we had people we wanted to hire who were having trouble with their old school - situations similar to yours.


    Our school was legally able to hire foreign teachers, did everything by the book and was well...

  • Jun 02,2019

    Going to HK would be the best bet I reckon, especially if you were looking for a church wedding.


    Chinese weddings are pretty grim IMO - you go to a barren govt dept with souless officials and navigate red tape so some guy can give you a red stamp and a marriage book. You get expensive pictures taken of you both posing in places you'd never go to in everyday life that is...

  • May 19,2019

    well,,,  just hope all newbies in China wake up real quick to the idea of there are not really any 'road rules',,,  so, like the little Safety Films we watched in Elementary School said when u were a kid,,,  'look both ways before u cross the street'.  dat sh*t be true here,, haha,, and don't be too surprised when u see a car driving down the sidewalk,,,  cuz long enuf...

  • May 16,2019

    Firstly you need to ask yourself these questions:

    Am I ethically obligated to honour a contract I signed?

    Can I ignore my legal and ethical obligations if someone offers me 5 mao more per month?

    Am I prepared for the consequences?

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A: Eggs have a natural coating called bloom, which is the egg's natural p
A:Eggs have a natural coating called bloom, which is the egg's natural protective layer. When washing destroys the protective layer, the eggs can easily spoil. This is why it is necessary to store them in the refrigerator. Here is information about the shelf life of eggs. -- setlla