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  • Dec 13,2017

    I can confirm this is true. I work for EF in Taiyaun and all the non-native teachers have been given termination letters to this effect. Here is a paragraph from the letter:


    'Unfortunately we have been advised by the Foreign Experts Bureau that with effect from 1st January 2018 we will no longer be able to hire new foreign experts or renew the existing work permits of...

  • Dec 11,2017

    Well with a population of 26,000,000 people and probably at least 10,000,000 motorized vehicles spewing toxic gasses into the atmosphere 24/7 kinda says it all.  Like Beijing I'm surprised people can breathe there at all.

    Barometric pressure today is average, so I don't think that is much of a contributing factor.

  • Dec 09,2017

    artsy-fartsy Art !


    some idjit on the loose paid 450 MILLION usd for a damn painting !!


  • Dec 08,2017


    Ron Paul ✔@RonPaul 

    A wealthy person...

  • Dec 08,2017

    Diamond Mines in northern Canada are always looking for drivers   200 grand a year..  2 weeks in, they fly you out, 2 weeks out, travelling and spending what you made the previous 2 weeks.

    diavik mines

  • Dec 08,2017

    Check the application forms for the Taiwan visa.


    A lot of times, when you fill in visa forms there's a question about being denied or deported in your past. Don't know if the Taiwan forms have this question but it wouldn't surprise me if they did, it seems like quite a standard question.

  • Dec 07,2017

    I extended it for another year after those 6 months.

  • Dec 06,2017

    Shit bags like this douche are fading away. It is becoming less acceptable to be a rich arrogant and selfish person.

    Another recent surprise is that drivers commonly stop to let pedestrians cross. At least whete i am in the south. This is new and spreading like the 100th Monkey. People are taking pride in being well mannered in my neck of the woods too. It's refreshing.

  • Dec 05,2017

    Yeah right, it takes a genius like you to start and build companies like Microsoft and Apple.

  • Dec 05,2017

    accurate analysis.


    'can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear'


           ~some old guy from the distant past

  • Dec 05,2017

    Weakening America helps China. Lowering taxes on the rich and increasing taxes on the poor creates more debt and hurts the economy! 

  • Nov 30,2017

    That's the problem, it's worth $$$$$$$$$

  • Nov 28,2017

    I have had this exact discussion with the missus. Alan, you'll be familiar with the term 'footering'? Maybe it's just an Aberdonian thing. Anyway it's about pissing about and doing nonsense 'busy work'. The MIL is the worst for it. Can't sit still for five minutes, like she has worms.

    The missus is getting better but only because I give her 'that face'.

    It is all over here though...

  • Nov 25,2017

    I used to swim in a public pool and people there would just swim right into me. They would see me coming down the lane and swim directly at me until we either collided or I moved.


    For a while I thought that it was an anti foreigner dick waving thing (actually I still think it is sometimes) and do my best to make it hurt when they blundered into me but then I realized they...

  • Nov 20,2017

    I think the first "not smart" thing you did was to think of everyone as a subordinate. They are in fact your team members. You are also a team member and your role is to supervise, not flex your muscles. It drives you nuts when your boss does this and then you do exactly the same thing. Think about it. Adapt, change, bend the rules and be more efficient.

  • Nov 19,2017

    For clarity, I'm writing this as a former expat currently living in Germany with my Chinese wife and 2 kids.
    In my experience, no. They can be industrious, exploitative, or have serious cultural chauvinism. But most of the worst mainland behaviourisms are toned down. They know they're not in their own country.

    I experienced firsthand that there is an identity crisis in the Chinese...

  • Nov 15,2017

    (Not bumping - just not putting my opinion in the OP)


    Two mentally competent consenting (and able to consent) adults - A and B - love each other very much and decide to make it 'permanent' (whatever that means these days!)


    If A and B are of different genders, then they have automatic rights to inheritance, insurance, power of attorney, custody of...

  • Nov 11,2017

    Use the search bar above for ABC work permit. The info is there about requirements for getting a WP, and hence a Z. It's all about getting the government invite letter.

    You will 98% probababilty have to go to your home country to get your Z visa.

    Lots of info on' Redditt china visa too'. More current than the info here.

  • Nov 11,2017

    I can understand how challenging it is to find time with your significant other, especially when there are kids.

    I have seen many couples (at home) whose relationship becomes strained when the children arrive as both are constantly tired, or one or other (or both) focus too much on the child to the detriment of the previously more close relationship with their partner.

    Some even...

  • Nov 10,2017

    I don't like it when people invite me out to eat when I barely know them. Like student's parents.


    It's tedious, awkward and I never feel comfortable with being railroaded into a fake friendship that means I now owe them something, usually special attention for their little emperor.





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A: My friends who are managing schools still can't recruit from outside o
A:My friends who are managing schools still can't recruit from outside of China because of the borders being closed, as far as I know that doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. If you have a current existing residence permit etc you can re-enter the country, going through the usual quarantine process obviously but no new visas are being issued. I don't know about business visas but I suspect it wouldn't be much different. For up to date info you could probably contact the Chinese embassy in your country. -- Stiggs