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  • Sep 30,2016

    I'm not sure about work visas but I know lots of non-natives that easily find work with no problems. I know 3 russian girls working at kindergartens in Shanghai who have no the jobs easy pay is decent and on time.


    Every year there seems to be this panic like "OMG THIS IS THE YEAR 4 REALZ THIS TIME!!" and every year I see enterprising people looking to work...

  • Sep 29,2016

    I originally went to China from an invite (American friend) to teach at a local university. My mirror English-Chinese teacher at the time is now my wife. As I progressed, I kept moving up in the ESL food chain, and making it to educational administrator. My wife moved up too and was the academic supervisor. Company treated us well until they got a new center director which was the worst...

  • Sep 25,2016

    My sister still sends me letters from Scotland. Get about 2 a year. I don't write back. She has Facebook but no email. And she refuses to use wechat for some reason. She complains I don't post enough photos of the kid on Facebook. I tell her FB is banned, get wechat then she can see new photos multiple times a day. She won't do it. And she can comment instantly or chat.

    In fact, last...

  • Aug 17,2016

    Admin i suggest you to make the rules clear in here.


    I feel the forum is more like an emotional trash bin for those who have difficulties to manage their own emotions to flood shit in here.


    Why do you think it is ok for viki to sell uniqlo's pic in here?


    By saying that, banning a person or 2 will not really make much...

  • Jul 26,2016

    This won't help overly with your situation, but maybe shed some light on what's required.


    When I had my criminal history thing done in Australia, it needed to be an original document, which was notorised by the Department of Foreign Affairs, before going to the Chinese consulate to be apostilled.


    Fortunately, our government...

  • Jul 26,2016


    the article talks about the purchase, old news I know, but did China or Taiwan ever sue the individual property owner...

  • Jul 26,2016

    Such 'patriotism' is idiocy! And it doesn't matter where it comes from. Many people in the world say stupid things like "you should only date/marry/be friends with people from our own group".


    The vast majority of the negativity you're noticing is purely from an inferiority complex - from men! (and women who aren't able to get a white/foreign guy).  The main clue to...

  • Jul 12,2016

    Try me with that Q&advice: 'read the Contract!'

    Tits and others are right: 'read the Contract and ask questions, before you sign it!'

    What else could I tell OP/you? Call your mom? 

    Chinese will take an advantage of foreigner by pretending their English understanding is different than ours is. In their way 'they just negotiate'. There's nothing wrong with '...

  • Jul 11,2016
  • Jul 11,2016

    How I've normally seen it work when you want to break the contract early is that the tenant normally finds a new tenant or ends up paying the landlords share of the agency fee for advertising again. That works out at half the months rent. 

  • Jul 11,2016

    All credit to this admin for at least making an effort and keeping us in the loop .
    Hope it goes the distance and is not in vain .
    funny how many people want to bitch but when given an opportunity to get something done it all goes silent.
    its nice to take credit but it is also necessary to share the blame

  • Jul 11,2016

    School's rep. isn't required to tell you anything, if it's written in the Contract and you sign it.


    Read Contract in details and ask questions, before you ink it.


    Some Schools try to avoid to get stuck with all bills, if FT doesn't pass ME or SAFEA doesn't grant FEC, because of some reason ('no degree authorization' as one).

    My latest Contract...

  • Jul 10,2016

    My Chinese wife and I bought an apartment in China for her to stay while she works on her business. It was a few years after we got married. When we first met, neither of us had much and neither did her family. But they were understanding and saw that we cared a lot for each other. Like Hotwater's wife, my wife is a strong minded individual as well. The best Chinese women (or people at...

  • Jun 21,2016

    Before ESL teachers are easy to find. Most schools before hire only Caucasians even without a degree. But things has changed. With the new visa laws, the supply of foreigner teachers have decline. Foreigner with out degree will have a hard time finding a teaching job. Search for qualified teachers is getting harder.


    I agree many schools are desperate for Qualified...

  • Jun 01,2016

    Do you have a car? if you did, you'd find pretty good reason to complain. Whether you take it out everyday or park it for a few, it wont be looking new for very long unless you take it to a service shop every five months and get all the scratches and nicks covered up.  People seriously cant drive here.  They cant judge how big spaces are and try to squeeze by.  Or they cant...

  • May 26,2016

    If you are residing in China you should consider setting up a Tao Bao account. I use the Nivea Cool Kick deodorant which costs 45 yuan for 1 can in the supermarket however, on Tao Bao I paid 84.60 yuan for 4 cans including the postage.


  • May 25,2016

    When you see stories like this one here for example popping up fairly regularly.....



    Where crap quality, or fake, or adulterated milk that makes kids sick is being sold, and the story covered up you...

  • May 24,2016

    The importance of breastfeeding is understated. Reccommended period gets cut from a year to 6 months, to 6 weeks, and some hospitals even advise 3 weeksthen reccommend formula.

  • May 17,2016

    I often feel like a rich kid in China... Until I saw and read the BBC article about Rich kids of China on instagram, now I feel like a poor mug!

  • May 13,2016

    To help those in genuine need and take the piss out of those who deserve it.


    It can be a laugh, and I can share some experiences.

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A: My friends who are managing schools still can't recruit from outside o
A:My friends who are managing schools still can't recruit from outside of China because of the borders being closed, as far as I know that doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. If you have a current existing residence permit etc you can re-enter the country, going through the usual quarantine process obviously but no new visas are being issued. I don't know about business visas but I suspect it wouldn't be much different. For up to date info you could probably contact the Chinese embassy in your country. -- Stiggs