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  • Mar 02,2016

    Lord Hanson and Englteachted are right. Feign a look of concern and vow to change your ways. Then duly forget about it. You will not hear of it ever again.


    Smiling and being happy can save you from this situation. I'm a naturally happy and contented person so smiling and being affable isn't too hard for me. I've known other teachers here in China that have a less sunny...

  • Mar 01,2016

    Your 'minder' writes the recommendation letter - be that your FAO, supervisor, principal or what-not.

    The "recommendation letter" is not a western version, where they are not allowed to say anything directly negative, but a simple, "Start date: End date. Would you hire this person again? Yes/No, Why? No why!" form.


    And, I believe that they may hold a grudge against...

  • Feb 29,2016

    I ran into some nutters during my stay in China. 


    But the weirdest was this guy from Australia. 


    Huge guy... like 6 foot 10 and 350 pounds... just a giant guy. He was nice and kind for the most part but he was insane. 


    He would tell anyone who listened about how he got chased out of Australia by the "Lesbian...

  • Feb 24,2016

    Good effort, and welcome to the forum.  Where you from, cob?  BTW, I used to like Enya.  Is she still active, do you know?

  • Feb 22,2016

    Well, I would suggest to get the basics of the language with the teacher than simply write Chinese characters at least half an hour a day (one hour better) and talk talk talk ...
    Mandarin is hard for Western languages speakers and there is no miraculous way around.
    It's all about hard, daily work.
    Wish you luck!

  • Feb 19,2016

    im on my way back to China next month to go the dentist
    i can fly my whole family over and get my teeth fixed cheaper than getting the work done in Australia
    and there is nothing dodgy about the dentist i use in China
    saves me thousands in health insurance in Australia and i get a holiday too
    maybe i should start a dental tour service

  • Feb 18,2016

    the trend is for the rmb to lose value to the dollar and a lot of big money people are betting that way, so i change mine to dollars every month, 3 years ago i was buying canadian dollars, everything changes, right now every county is slowing down, its not safe to even buy singapore dollars right now. singapore had too many loans with china that are defaulting and hurting their currency.

  • Feb 05,2016

    Teaching hours, are they 60 minutes or 45?

    are office hours mandatory?  

    Ask to chat with current (foreign) teachers there. 

    What date will you be paid? Is there a completion bonus? Air fair repayment?  

    Is there a set curriculum/set of books that they use?

    what is the average age of the student? Average class size?

    can you get me a Z...

  • Feb 04,2016

    as the economy crashes and interest rates fall, these schemes will get much worse, sadly this is just the tip of the iceberg, with no real oversight, or the fake appearance thereof, its going to be deadly.

  • Feb 03,2016

    I saw in a recent article that the 1% wealthiest Chinese own about 62% of the real estate in China, that says a lot about wealth distribution.

  • Feb 02,2016

    I got my Chinese license about 16 months ago and it entailed sitting the electronic test and convincing the instructor I could handle a vehicle.

    The test comprises 100 questions - randomly drawn from a booklet of 1000, most of which are in English - and, to pass, you need to get at least 90 correct.  

    I got 92 (to the complete amazement of all and sundry [Chinese]).  In...

  • Jan 28,2016

    I thought passport covers became redundant since most, if not all immigration points will tell you to remove your passport from any type of cover before you get to the counter. You'll probably damage the binding on your passport more from putting it in and taking it out of a cover VS not using a cover at all.

  • Jan 26,2016


  • Jan 26,2016

    Low pollution and high pay go together like cement and trampolines. 

  • Jan 25,2016

    If you're truly looking for higher pay, then you'll want to teach IB (major cities) or AP. Unless you're a fully qualified and certified teacher, you won't be eligible for the 'truly' foreign schools that pay around 28K a month.

  • Jan 20,2016

    I is not malicious. But for fun, when someone points and says "laowai", point back and say "zhongguo ren"'ll get a laugh

  • Jan 19,2016

    I agree on all parts, particularly on Trump. If that bloke gets in I'm going to move to America, just so I can leave America.

  • Jan 18,2016

    I don't agree. As a dyslexic I actually find memorizing characters to be far easier than correct spelling in English. Something to do with characters appeal to the visual center of the brain, but words don't. Reading an article about how learning Chinese is easier for dyslexics is actually what sowed the seed that ended in me coming here all those years ago.

  • Jan 06,2016

    I love teaching, did so for 5 years both English and German before moving on to HR starting my own company.


    The money was good at 22-25k per month in tier 2 including private group tuition and altogether I only worked 18-20h per week (no mandatory office hours), had a lot of free time to work on other projects or hit the gym.


    But on the long run it...

  • Jan 04,2016

    I remember the good old days before children. I would have days where I would relax for the entire day. Now that I have children I am lucky if I get 1 hour a day during the week. The weekend isn't too bad, maybe 4 or 6 hours of freetime. There are pros and cons to both ways of life. Christmas is enjoyable again now that I have children. In my opinion the pros of marriage and family outweigh...

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