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  • Mar 24,2018

    Hey Justin, welcome aboard and good on you for responding after you posted your question.

    Have you been hanging out at expat bars to get your "facts"?

    A lot of what you have been told is bollocks. I bought a house just like a local. I am the sole owner and i walk down the street holding hand with my wife everyday....nothing happens. I'm not running from anything and I'm certainly...

  • Mar 20,2018

    You're mixing up a network outright making stories up or at the very least not taking the basic step of fact checking with a news network reporting on a story where the victim/ witnesses happen to be lying. 

  • Mar 12,2018

    Can work, but the office gossip can make some big troubles.

  • Mar 12,2018

    It depends on the individuals involved. A lot of Chinese men do not want wealthier, more educated or more successful women than themselves. You cannot seem to maintain good relationships with family, friends, co-workers or your boss so I think if you are talking about yourself I should say absolutely no hope at all.

  • Mar 12,2018

    true love conquers all !

  • Mar 12,2018

    Hell, why not source the product yourself then set up your own shop/s selling the stuff? Start small and if it sells then expand from there. You might find the companies taking notice of you if you're already selling their products too.


  • Mar 12,2018

    This is not something I know much about, and I bet the companies involved have their marketing people who do know a lot about it but I think your best bet would be to go to them with your business plan showing how you can get them access to X number of customers, their demographics - income etc and if it looks appealing to them, and they believe you maybe they'd give you a chance.

  • Mar 08,2018

    So, unfortunately ... you are talking out of your buTT!


    School cannot cancel Contract or Z visa without valid cause!




    Only Contract signed by both parties (sponsoring Co.& foreign employee) entitles School to apply for WP and other docs. required at application for Z visa.


    After Contract is signed by...

  • Mar 08,2018

    This is the new one, I've ever read about.


    So, what would I do if that would be me:


    1. You signed Contract with School, which is still valid unless in case of 'force majeure' (natural disasters or School ceased to operate).

    There should be a clause in the Contract on how much money you should receive or pay (as penalty), in case either party...

  • Mar 03,2018

    haha.. one man..6 logins..6 downvots in 10 mins flat.. keep up yr hard work Smile

  • Jan 30,2018

    Wow, you really found that nitpicky talking point that elevates the fossil fuel industry to the same level as the interests of humanity. Isn't it all just a "liberal" scam, if you don't look too closely at the absence of logic? "Yes, it must be. My masters are hinting that that's what I should believe!"

    You've made it clear you are consciously ignoring the pollution and global warming....

  • Jan 18,2018

    If he did contact the embassy they would tell him to engage a lawyer. They at least might be able to point him towards a somewhat decent lawyer, I don't think they'd be of much help aside from that though.


    I doubt the lawyer would be able to do much other than help negotiate the compensation he will need to pay.



  • Jan 11,2018

    Firm believer in hibernation....

  • Jan 10,2018

    no flipping way would I live with my mother in law... one month...been there done her     still do.....  not telling me how or when or why to run MY  home. 

    stress is a serious killer. 


    get rid of her or get your own place....  ASAP  

    You can yap all you want about a child's well being, but if the...

  • Jan 07,2018

    a punishmnt shd incorporate justice to victim/s, act as a deterrant to othrs while leavin' an opportunity for accused if later proof is discoverd of his innocence. death is so absolute tht cannot b reversd.


    to such brutal criminals, give half-death. a rottn life to repent their deeds.

  • Jan 04,2018

    Useful Telephone Numbers in China


    If you have an emergency while you are traveling (such as fire or traffic accidents) the following telephone numbers may be useful.

     Emergency Numbers


    Police (Calling) 110

  • Jan 02,2018

    Treat questions like that and the people who ask them with the contempt they deserve. Just laugh at such unsophisticated bumpkins (xiangbalao tubaozi).

  • Dec 30,2017

    The fantastic achievement of simultaneously burning so much coal for heating that I can't see the end of the fucking street but said heating being so shit it has made no difference to the temperature of my flat.

  • Dec 30,2017

    This actually makes sense, if you want to attract foreign students to your university and potential spies, unintended benefit, you need internships in their field of study like most other top universities around the world. Also, if your demographics is hurting your young labor pool, some free interns can fill the void. The only problem with all of this, it is possible for a Chinese...

  • Dec 25,2017

    Actually it peak a few years ago and is on the decline.

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A: It happened to me, once ... in 2014 or 15 ...Plane from RP city (Tianj
A:It happened to me, once ... in 2014 or 15 ...Plane from RP city (Tianjin) had more than 10h delay and I came to the HK's exit Luohu some 7 hours after the RP expiration day.In real, I came to the exit crossing just on time or only an hour late, but Luohu is closed overnight (10pm - 6am), which I didn't know.There were two unexpected things happened at that exit: flight's delay with closed Luohu overnight on the topI had a decent and real excuse for the cops next morning, but still I was put in a side office for some 3 or 4h and then cops had a short lecture with '.. and make sure, it will never happened again! ..', and I was let go without anything on my record. At least, at the new Z visa application and following reentry to China nobody ever mentioned anything about the delayed exit. However, I had a bad, un-eased feeling at the following Z visa appearance in Wanchai ...It is much, much wiser and safer to exit at least a day or few ahead of the RP expiration date. -- icnif77