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  • Nov 20,2017

    I think the first "not smart" thing you did was to think of everyone as a subordinate. They are in fact your team members. You are also a team member and your role is to supervise, not flex your muscles. It drives you nuts when your boss does this and then you do exactly the same thing. Think about it. Adapt, change, bend the rules and be more efficient.

  • Nov 19,2017

    For clarity, I'm writing this as a former expat currently living in Germany with my Chinese wife and 2 kids.
    In my experience, no. They can be industrious, exploitative, or have serious cultural chauvinism. But most of the worst mainland behaviourisms are toned down. They know they're not in their own country.

    I experienced firsthand that there is an identity crisis in the Chinese...

  • Nov 15,2017

    (Not bumping - just not putting my opinion in the OP)


    Two mentally competent consenting (and able to consent) adults - A and B - love each other very much and decide to make it 'permanent' (whatever that means these days!)


    If A and B are of different genders, then they have automatic rights to inheritance, insurance, power of attorney, custody of...

  • Nov 11,2017

    Use the search bar above for ABC work permit. The info is there about requirements for getting a WP, and hence a Z. It's all about getting the government invite letter.

    You will 98% probababilty have to go to your home country to get your Z visa.

    Lots of info on' Redditt china visa too'. More current than the info here.

  • Nov 11,2017

    I can understand how challenging it is to find time with your significant other, especially when there are kids.

    I have seen many couples (at home) whose relationship becomes strained when the children arrive as both are constantly tired, or one or other (or both) focus too much on the child to the detriment of the previously more close relationship with their partner.

    Some even...

  • Nov 10,2017

    I don't like it when people invite me out to eat when I barely know them. Like student's parents.


    It's tedious, awkward and I never feel comfortable with being railroaded into a fake friendship that means I now owe them something, usually special attention for their little emperor.





  • Nov 02,2017

    Ahhhhh, OK.

  • Oct 31,2017

    Placating the poorer sections of society with entertainment to distract them from gaping inequalities is as old (if not older) than the Roman Empire where 'bread and circuses' were the order of the day.

  • Oct 28,2017

    I think we will be rounded up and escorted to the border.

    I think foreign owned manufacturing plants could be put under government control.

    Exports would stop.

    Consider the export thing. I went on a bike ride today. Got annoyed over a massuve Amway factory.
    It blocked my natural progess of my round island ride.

    As I was feeling anoyed, I wondered if the US...

  • Oct 22,2017

    See Yingzhou Dental Hospital if they have clinic in your city. Cost of one implant is from 1000 - 5000 RMB, depends on material and model/Co. used. Lowest price was for 'all metal' and S.Korean firm and French implants&teeth, all ceramic were the most expensive.

    Dentists working at Yingzhou are truly masters of the trade.


    I've completed entire redo of me...

  • Oct 19,2017



    It depends on which part of the lake region you want to visit. Most start from NanChang, the shortest distance to the lake is about 30km  and 186km to the government run wetland park, marked by the hut shape symbol on the upper right corner of the map below


  • Oct 17,2017

    collect calls are in the too hard basket in China.


    Yes, use Skype if that is easy for you, however Skype is owned by Micro$oft and I do not want to use that.


    What I have is a Voip softphone setup on a mobile without a sim card and switched to aeroplane mode with wireless manually switched on.


    I found Linphone works well....

  • Oct 11,2017

    I wrote about my overstay in 2012, I think, so you might read it already. Here we go:


    'I came to Louhu some 10 hours into the no-more-RP-day and cops put me in the office for some 2 hours sit-down.

    I was late at exit because plane in Tianjin was more than 14 hours late at departure and at my arrival Luohu was already closed.

    I am guessing, cops might knew...

  • Oct 05,2017

    You’ll struggle to get a work permit with only 6 months experience IF you can find a company to employ you. 

  • Sep 29,2017

    They are right man, there has been a M, S, L or Q visa system where they don't issue any visa's to anyone going to China especially those with old M or Q visa's in their passport and its because of the National Holiday, it's "control the flow time".


    There is NOTHING you can do man, you must go back to America or mail your passport back to the U.S for a Q visa or Business...

  • Sep 25,2017

    1st. Find new employer (who must be authorized for foreign hire).

    2nd. Once you have 1. you can have talk with Uni about terminating/changing the Contract terms.

    3rd. If you'll come to an agreement with Uni, they must supply Release letter and FEC Cancel cert. in 30-days after your last working day.

    Both docs. will come handy at new employer. You won't be required to exit...

  • Sep 14,2017

    I'm prepared to give the guy some slack. He asked a few shifty questions in 2012 then went dormant for 5 years and suddenly appears asking newbie questions. A bit suss but who knows, he could just be a moron. Benefit of the doubt given.

    This link should answer your questions:...

  • Sep 11,2017

    nashboroguy -


    what resources and books do you have? tell me a bit about how you were planning to approach the sessions with your group.


    i'm a drama teacher of over 25 years experience, with experience also in professional theatre. happy to give you some feedback.

  • Sep 05,2017

    From my experience, it depends on the bamk and your deposit. I paid 50% deposit and the Construction Bank wanted to throw as much money as we wanted at me for around 3-4% interest. My wife is local and all they wanted was a certificate from my employer stating my salary. It was almost instant. They keep asking if we want more money to this day.
    And yes, my (Chinese) name is on the...

  • Aug 30,2017

    Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS). They have 8 different levels of classes. The teachers are OK. Classes are 5 days a week, mornings or afternoons.


    The campus is really nice with lots of trees. The foreigner classrooms are nice and have aircon.


    A lot of foreigners study Chinese there, and also the MBA.


    The admin staff...

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