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Q: any gym in Baiyun district in Guangzhou?

i am moving in this district and i'd like to go in a gym not so far away from this area...someone can help me?

11 years 22 weeks ago in  Sports - Guangzhou

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There are so many gyms in this area that you will have a liberal pick.  Also the Guangzhou Baiyun Sports Center which recently opened in a new venue and which is huge and comprehensive is also there.


You may to try this one, among others:


Excellent health of hundred paces Fitness Club ... yoga, dance, increase muscle, lose weightPublished :2012 -11-16Viewed 472 times

  • Tel:  (attribution: Guangzhou)
  • Tel: (attribution: Guangzhou)

For more information

  • Area: Baiyun  Tong King
  • Category: Fitness / Dance
  • Address: Tangxi HongSheng Business Building.

Excellent health Mast fitness club is located in Guangzhou Baiyun District the Tangxi TangXi Hongsheng Commerce Building, fifth floor. Is a carefully crafted professional fitness club. Clubhouse facilities fully functional, comfortable environment, aerobic area and anaerobic zone is used in all advanced commercial fitness equipment. Customized exclusive fitness program for the first time test of fitness can enjoy free systemic, personal and exclusive fitness instructor will be developed according to the test results, the plastic body program, make exercise more targeted, and strengthen the fitness effect. Certification and coaching employ many professional coach, Member fitness professional guidance. Gold card will also be eligible for national certification coaching, fitness more scientific, and to avoid sports injuries. Dance, yoga, fitness equipment, spinning, more than 20 kinds of group calisthenics classes can enjoy a wealth of fitness programs. 
Baiyun District, Guangzhou is currently the best service, a fitness club. Covers an area of over 1800 square, luxurious clubhouse, complete equipment. There is a dance studio, Bikram yoga room, spinning room, the environment is very beautiful, it is a good place for the vast number of friends at the sports and leisure. 
Excellent health fitness club fitness Member Mast Kaka species richness, suitable for different fitness needs of members, such as the three-year card, Gold, Silver, daytime card, couple cards, family cards, group cards, card recording of times kinds of gym membership card. 
The audience with the world's top sports facilities and fitness equipment. Its function facilities are divided into: aerobic training area, resistance training zone, fighting training area, consolidated aerobics room, yoga practice room, men and ladies shower area Member leisure zone merchandise display area, body measurements Center nine zone. 
Convenient transportation and elegant environment club facilities and first-class service, a rich curriculum. The club is divided into: leisure area, fitness area, lounge area, sauna bath area; courses colorful, divided into: static, dynamic, static and dynamic combination of three courses. 
Dance, are: 
[hot yoga] [steel pipe operation] [power yoga] [jazz] [Pilates] [belly dancing] [hip-hop dance] [Step Aerobics] [Hatha Yoga] [aerobics] [Fitness Ball] [decompression Yoga] [Ballet] [Ball] [Spinning] [aerobic boxing] [Taekwondo] [body comb] [Fencing] [kickboxing] [tai chi] [Yoga [hip-hop] [Indian Dance] 
equipment Introduction the 
top treadmill [climbing machine] [the dynamic Single] [treadmill] [dumbbell] [rowing machine] [Pilates] 
climbing machine 
by selecting the appropriate scope of the exercise, the effective exercise of the devices will help on improving the user's heart and lung function, promote blood circulation, and make the most of the body muscles of the quadriceps, abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, gastrocnemius enhanced. The exercise machine is suitable for all ages, the use of different physical levels. 
The upper part of the fitness safety with handrails, the frail elderly, lower limb rehabilitation of the sick and wounded of the exercise, the function of the lower limb paralysis recovery is more convenient and safe weight control, maintaining a good shape, eliminating stress certain role. 
Scientific proof of the treadmill , the treadmill consumed calories than any other cardio equipment. One hour can consume eight hundred five thousand calories, step machines and rowing lying column the second, the first hour and seven hundred kilocalories. The low-intensity exercise, the treadmill is still the champion, five hundred and fifty kilocalories consumed per hour, while the the stairs machine's consumption is five hundred kilocalories. 
Treadmill in improving endurance, burn calories and reduce body fat aspects effect the most outstanding. But these are not its only use. The treadmill is very helpful for the shaping of the lower limb and upper limb. 
Spinning is the maximum amount of exercise in the gym equipment, one of the very high physical requirements, usually a lesson consume heat about five hundred cards, and also emit a lot of sweat, the body's loss of water very quickly, so timely replenishment . But a lot of moisture loss does not mean that it is to lose weight by "less water", if you bring the heart rate table when in motion, you will clearly see themselves in the course of the campaign, from which moment is completely in consumption of fat. 
Spinning - reduced fat killer 
Spinning is a great aerobic exercise, can effectively improve heart and lung function, strength and endurance.Energy consumption, reduce body fat, while the dynamic cycling can ease the psychological pressure, exciting.Natural action of rowing 
rowing machine 
simulation, gym and family sports, exercise arms and legs waist and other parts of the muscle tissue, the effective workout stretching muscles, the exercise of the lower back is particularly evident, can ease the symptoms of back pain. Rowing machine 
rowing machine - the most generalized muscle exercise, suitable for white-collar workers use; breast, thin waist, hips, legs, abdomen, hip, AB, for cervical spondylosis mitigation, rehabilitation muscle activity, and at the same time greatly improve low back pain, muscle physiological flow activity. White-collar workers is particularly suitable for long-term sitting in front of the computer work. 
Maximal exercise testing different fitness equipment, rowing machines can lower heart rate and higher oxygen uptake and higher energy consumption, and to promote physical fitness, better use of the body's muscles to achieve body effect. This movement is one of the popular fitness equipment in the world. 
The long-term benefits of dumbbell exercises 
dumbbell exercises can be modified to the muscles, increase muscle endurance, often do dumbbell exercises weight is too large, can make the muscles strong, strong muscle fibers, increase muscle strength, long-term adherence. 
2, can exercise the upper limb muscles and waist, abdominal muscles. Such as when doing sit-ups in the back of the neck with both hands clenched the dumbbell, abdominal exercises can increase the load; hand dumbbell do body flexor or swivel movement, can exercise the intra-abdominal external oblique muscle; hand dumbbell straight arm before the move, held flat side can exercise the glory is temporary!     Money is beyond the flesh!     The body is your own! Strong and healthy body can help your career more smoothly, more fulfilling life, Friends who are interested can contact me, I will give you the best deals, the best service! Contact: Mr. Chen: 13610013177 QQ 415656413


Contact me, please see 58 city, thank you!

Tel: (attribution: Guangzhou) 


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11 years 22 weeks ago
Posts: 107


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I usually live there, it's better you tell me your exactly address, so I could tell you accurate information...

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11 years 19 weeks ago
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