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Q: Anyone know where I can get a non-painful massage in Beijing?

8 years 39 weeks ago in  Lifestyle - Beijing

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Funny do, I have had many massages on many cities abroad, and some of them brought different feelings, but none caused me pain.  I do not think I would tolerate a massage if pain was inflicted on me.  The idea behind a massage is to make the muscle involved to relax, and increase blood circulation to it to improve or acceleratre toxin removal.  How can pain be involved ?.

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8 years 39 weeks ago
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I've only had one massage, didn't hurt a bit, first with oil, something very soft was used not hands , then another liquid was applied and a vacuum device was used to remove it and then ice was rubbed on my body. It was Ok , but I've never been back.

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8 years 39 weeks ago
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Yang Sheng Tang
Yang Sheng Tang is a new massage parlor. The special is that it shows the feature of FuJian.
Location: 1F LongGe Apartment 15 West Road of ChaoYang Park, ChaoYang district
Phone: 010-58670158

Holiday Park Hotel Love Foot Hall

This hotel has a full set of sangna, foot massage parlor, holiday disco, chess and poker room.
Location: At 7 ChaiJiaWan red temple, chaoyang district.
Phone: 010-65951166-2121

East TaiJi KangTi club
This club is an integrated club which provides services like foot massage, sangna, chess and poker, leisure and health.  
Location: At 41 NanXian Ge, XuanWu district
Phone: 010-63564381

Run Ze Yuan Hairdressing Center
This center provides services like foot massage, TCM health etc. It’s quite full-scale in health.
Location: 0805 10# building JianWai SHOHO, Dong Sanhuan Road, Chaoyang district.
Phone: 010-58698160

Sheng Bang Health Massage Center

It lies in the bright light area. It is quite professional. And it aims for these people who are tired from busy life and heavy work.
Location: 1101 room 46 Yuan, Dongcheng district
Phone: 010-64183689

GuoAn Hotel Sangna
SangNa bath undoubtedly is its characteristic. It also provides foot massage, health and other common massage, scrape the skin for therapeutic etc.
Location: 2F of GuoAn Hotel, ChaoYang district
Phone: 010-65007700

QianZhu Leisure And Health Center
It provides services like foot bath, health, massage etc.
Location: 1F underground WaHaHa Hotel of JinLongJi building, 99 LongFuSi street, Dongcheng district.
Phone: 010-84095008/5009

YuHua Chi KangLe Center

It has an elegant and comfortable environment. Heath, hairdressing, Sangna, massage are all provided here. Plus, this place has the style of Ming-!ing dynasty style.
Location: 218-1 WangFuJin street, Dongcheng district
Phone: 010-6523888

Zhuang Yao Ziran Yangsheng Guan

This place definitely has a beautiful surroundings. Just as they say: “top-ranking surroundings, top-ranking techniques, top-ranking services”. 
Location: 1 Building LianXiang Yuan, west in the LiangHuaChi, FengTai district
Phone: 010-63992308

MangBing Massage
It provides house call services.
Location: 11 north of the JiMenLi, 145 TuCheng Xi Road, haidian district.
Phone: 010-82086041


I've been to some myself but I don't do massages here anymore....this is the top 10 massage parlors in Beijing one of those shouldn't be are gonna have to excuse the opinions above that gave no place at all.

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8 years 36 weeks ago
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