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Q: Are Chinese televised sport competitions just a face building exercise?

Obviously there is nothing to be done when there are important international events but it seems to me that , when in absence of such events, Chinese sport on TV is fixed. I have yet to watch basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, etc and see China lose. It seems to me the competion is carefully selected to make China look good in the eyes of the ignorant majority when watching TV.

10 years 5 hours ago in  Sports - Lanzhou

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Many of the games shown are from the Asian cup competitions and China dominates most of the sports you mentioned. They recently before that played a Basketball tournament in China (Stankovic cup) against Australia, NZ, Russia Angola etc where they lost almost every game and that was televised. I have seen soccer world cup qualifiers where they have lost a fair few times as well. As for table tennis well the fact is they rarely do loose and volleyball they are one of the best female teams in the world. So I guess you have made your statement based on current games which are the Asian championships basketball (China bt far the No1 nation in that) Asian cup qualifying pool games in soccer( China expected to dominate against many of the smaller nations until the final rounds) table tennis where they are by far the number 1 nation and whatever volleyball is on now (dont know too much about that). So like much of what you write pretty ill imformed and biased statement.

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10 years 1 hour ago
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