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Q: Are there decent weight lifting gyms in Songjiang?

Hello everyone (first post here after years of reading).


I'll be relocating to Shanghai next week. After years of complaining about gyms I am seriously considering investing in squat/power rack, barbell, bench and weights. Before I do that I wanted to ask you if you heard of any decent gym in Songjiang Xincheng/Sixian Lu area. A place with a lot of free weights, squat stands etc., not super busy in the evenings.


I'd  appreciate your recommendations.



40 weeks 1 day ago in  Sports - Shanghai

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late answer, but the shanghai gyms are not really good (and pricey too...)

for a year membership you can get easily all the stuff at home (apart for some useful machines e.g. pull up)

If you are a heavy lifer, the gyms arent for you either. While the free weights for bench press are easy to stack to 100 kg+, the free dumb bells and long dumb bells are often fixed (no exchangeable weights). at least in my gym they stop at 30kg for the small and 50 kg for the big.


so if you are in the low/mid range of lifting, the gyms are fine (usually). But songjiang is big and gyms are literally everywhere.

If you have the space and are sure you stay long term, buy the gear.

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36 weeks 1 day ago
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