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Q: Best Bowling Alley in Beijing?

I've been to Gongti 100 (now only 50), and its pretty good. I'm wondering if there are any better bowling alleys in Beijing. 

10 years 38 weeks ago in  Sports - Beijing

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So far, the best value for money I've seen was gongti's.
There's another bowling alley in Lido center, but it's more expensive, and average. There must be a better place, but I'm afraid that's all I know.

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10 years 38 weeks ago
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Bowling Centers in Beijing

Editor:at0086   |

Jinshui Lake Bowling Club

No.10, Tuanjiehu East lane


Nanying Bowing

No.2, East ring 3 north Rd

Tel: 64106683,64106684

Anzhen Recreation Center

No.23 building, Section 3, Anzhenli


Las Vegas Tennis Center

The third floor of China?ˉs puppet show stadium, No.1, Anhuaxili

Tel: 64247079

Lido Hotel Bowling Alley

Three Kilos from the inlet of Sanyuan East bridge, Jiangtai Rd, Chaoyang district

Tel: to be switched from 64376688

Vision Apollo Bowling Center

No.1, Mingzu park Rd, Chaoyang district, North to Panda Traffic island and East to Mingzu park intersection, Tel: 62063698

China World Hotel Bowling Hall

 The second floor underground, China World Hotel

Tel: 65052266-41

Yinying Bowling Center

The second floor underground, Qilin Mansion, Chaoyang district

Tel: 64150566

Bowling Alley in Tiananmen Hotel

No. 88, Laiguandying Rd

Tel: 64231199-6607

Kanglegong Bowling Center

North Sihuanzhong Rd, the Asian Games village

Tel: 4993390

Beijing International Hotel Bowling Alley

No. 9, Jiannei Street

Tel: 65052266-41

Bubugao Bowling club

Oblique to Landao building, Chaowai Street, Chaoyang district

Tel: 65930833

Tianjin Tianma Recreation Corporation Beijing Club

No. 190, Chaonei Street

Tel: 65270466

Ligunli Bowling Club

B3, block S, Fuhua Mansion, No. 8, North Street, Chaoyang Gate


Kunlun Hotel Bowling center

 No. 2, Xinyuan south Rd

Tel: 65903388-5517

Guomen Hotel Bowling Alley

No.2, Heping Rd

Tel: 64378866-8255

Yuanshan Hotel Bowling Hall

No. 20, yuming East alley, Dewai Street

Tel: 62000872

Beijing Hongrong Bowling Center

No. 54, Dongsanhuan, South Rd

Tel: 67743606

JingCheng Mansion Recreation Center Bowling Hall

No. 6, Xinyuan South Rd

Tel: 64660088-101

Jingan Recreation Center Bowling Alley

No. 8, Beisanhuan East Rd

Tel: 64689005-8006

Traders Hotel Beijing Bowling Alley

No. 1, Jianwai Street

Tel: 65052266-41

Scitic Club Bowling Alley

No. 22, Jianwai Street

Tel: 65227636

China World Hotel Bowling Hall

No. 1, Jianwai Street

Tel: 65052266-41

The China World Hotel Bowling Hall is not that bad. I would also recommend the Ligunli Bowling Club.

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10 years 30 weeks ago
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