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Q: Can anyone tell me what is the average salary given to a MBBS Doctor ??

8 years 9 weeks ago in  Business & Jobs - China

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I will start by saying that MBBS isn't a very good degree, especially if it's pursued in either India, China, or any other developing/third-world countries.


Honestly, it depends on your specialty, where you want to go, and what your grades were. If you're planning on passing with a 60-80%, do not bother applying for jobs in developed countries.


United States

If you want to go to America, you can take your M.B.B.S degree there, but you'll need to pass the extremely difficult United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). After you successfully pass your USMLE tests, you'll need to take a residency.


You'll get paid a low salary (30-60k USD per year) while doing a residency, but after that you could easily make upwards of 150-500k USD per year, depending on your specialty, grades and performance. I would recommend just going to medical school in America instead of getting an MBBS in China, or another country.


Even Fudan University, China's so-called "Harvard of the East," is not a good school for anyone who wants to pursue a real education. If you're color blind, they won't even let you in. Discrimination (racial, disability, etc) is alive and well in almost every Chinese university. In the U.S., you'll get fair treatment because it's the law.


Consider attending medical school in America, or another developed country instead. There are many different options available. If, on the other hand, you've already completed your MBBS degree, I recommend applying for jobs at random universities around China, or taking your shot at the USMLE.



I know another foreigner who went to school in China in pursuit of an MBBS, and she speaks good Chinese. You can actually live somewhat comfortably on MBBS salaries in China, and you could pursue further education in order to become an MBBS teacher (normal schools for example), especially if you can speak English.


Unfortunately, I'm not too sure about the actual salary, but I presume it's sustainable (she lives on her own). OB/GYN is a hot specialty in China... everyone is getting knocked up left and right, and hospitals definitely need doctors.

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8 years 9 weeks ago
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