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Q: Can I get blacklisted from getting a new work permit if I leave my job?

I have work permit that expires in January 2019 but strange case my residence permit already expired in July 2018. So I am on a tourist visa however my school still has my valid work permit. Obviously I am not supposed to work here but if I leave, the school might cancel my work permit. Could that get me blacklisted from getting a new work permit next year?

26 weeks 2 days ago in  Visa & Legalities - China

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Have you actually seen your work permit?

If you are here for a while work permits and resident permits can get out of sync. For example, last time the company got mine it was a 2 year RP and a 1 year RP.

So its not unusual at all for them to expire in different years.

However, your company should have renewed your RP when it was due.

I will get flamed for this, but a mate was at a visa seminar last week, and he finally agrees with what I say.

You need a current RP in your passport, a work permit card, and a temp registration form. Supposed to be carried at all times, and all need to match up.

Copies, or phone photos are ok, but all 3 docs need to match up.

Tell your school that it is illegal for them to withold documents from you. In the west it would come under slavery and anti trafficing laws.

Your work permit was issued to you by the PRC. You are technically required to have it on your person at all times.

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26 weeks 2 days ago
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