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Q: Chinese airlaines increase some routes' baggage allowance

For the benefit of those who may not read the news, the following came out today.


China Southern Airlines has announced that, starting May 22, free baggage allowance will be increased to 46kg for flights from China to Korea and 40kg for flights to the southwest Pacific (such as Australia). Korean Air will also be implementing new rules: the allowance for free baggage will be based on number of cases instead of weight starting May 31. Economy class passengers can check one piece of baggage no heavier than 23kg, business class two pieces no more than 32kg each and first class three pieces no more than 32kg each.


It sure ain't much and too restricted, but it may be looked upon as a sign of further changes later on.  It is still way under the normal approved allowance of two suitcases at 23 kilos each for most airlines on International flights.  


And to make it legal so Mr CAT will not delete this, any comments?

8 years 27 weeks ago in  Transport & Travel - China

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I think the two 23 kg bags is very limited to where that is allowed, only a few places, like North America from China, unlike other countries. China probably doesn't have the volume of air travellers or if they take less stuff, the Chinese are less likely to overstay in another country. One thing I did notice on my Thailand trip was my girl friend took a bag that was carry on size that had all her stuff for one week. I took a large suitcase, not quite full, but no way I could use a bag that small, I tried cause she got on my case about why am I taking so much, maybe all Chinese pack like this, Then i stuffed her in my suitcase and left for the airport.

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8 years 27 weeks ago
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