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Q: Come fly with me

Don't you just love the peace and harmony of the world....FFS you can't make this shit up.
Chinese fighter pilot warns foreign aircraft over disputed East China Sea

By 9News Staff

1:34pm Jan 6, 2019

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Chinese fighter pilot warns foreign aircraft over East China Sea

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Chinese state media has aired video of one of its fighter jets engaging a foreign aircraft over the disputed East China Sea.

In the clip shown on China Central Television on Friday, the Chinese pilot issued a warning in English to the rival aircraft, the South China Morning Postreports.

"This is China air force," the pilot can be heard saying.

"You have entered the Chinese ADIZ.

"Report your nationality ID and the purpose of the flight."

The Chinese pilot can be heard issuing a warning in English. (China Central Television)The video was aired on Chinese state television. (China Central Television)The report did not say where the foreign aircraft was from. (China Central Television)

The report did not identify the nationality of the foreign aircraft nor when the incident took place.

An ADIZ is an air defence identification zone, an area of controlled airspace where aircraft traffic restrictions apply in the interests of national security.

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China's military established its ADIZ over the East China Sea in 2013, a move that drew controversy as the zone included the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands.

The disputed islands are also claimed by Taiwan and mainland China.

Japan, South Korea and the US all refuse to recognise the ADIZ over the East China Sea, which critics say limits the freedom to fly over open seas in the region.

10 weeks 5 days ago in  Health & Safety - China

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Warning: FUNNY!


Trading prediction in 2019 with intro:

"Long American, Taiwanese, and British water cannons; and Short Apple..."


Pic is the best ... event no. 2  is the 2nd best ...

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10 weeks 5 days ago
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