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Q: GoaKao (college Entrance Exam) and English and Time

Why do some High schools insist on wasting time? What is your experience?

So pretty much all of use agree that Engish Corners are basically useless. Over the past 8 years of teaching in Colleges, Universities, and High Schools, I have found that those students who speak well also do well in the English portion of GoaKoa. But after thinking about that for awhile I realized I don't have much evidence to support this theory.

Most of My evidence comes from my wife's neices whom are attending a top university in China. All of my post secondary students were English Majors. In college the average GoaKao score in English was about 110 of of a possible 150. with an average of 350 total of a possible 750. For the Uni students 130 in English and 500 total. All the kids were told which school they could attend. These numbers are for 80% of the students in my classes to eliminate most of the outliers. At the High School level the English Corners and English Clubs are totally useless as the students don't have time for these or would rather study Math. I believe that ECs are nothing more than an Advertising Gimmick to screw the parents out of higher tuition Fees.  Language courses are liberal arts subjects. I have also found half of the high school teachers regard English as an unimportant subject. 


What is your experience with the school leaders and other teachers when it comes to English Corners. What do you do when the EC is part of your contract?

39 weeks 2 days ago in  Teaching & Learning - China

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